UN vote unanimously on N. Korea


Jul 8, 2005
Alexandria, Virginia
Finally the UN votes on NK but I must ask; why in the world would we still allow to give NK tanks, warships, airplanes and missles? They're are fucking enemy, why the hell are we giving them weapons?! Fucking retarded.


U.N. adopts resolution against N. Korea 21 minutes ago

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday to impose punishing sanctions on North Korea for its claimed nuclear test, declaring that its action posed "a clear threat to international peace and security."

The vote came after the United States, Britain and France overcame last-minute differences with Russia and China.

The resolution demands North Korea eliminate all its nuclear weapons but expressly rules out military action against the country — a demand by the Russians and Chinese. The Americans also eliminated a complete ban on the sale of conventional weapons; instead, the resolution limits the embargo to major hardware such as tanks, warships, combat aircraft and missiles.
Peace at Last! *clink*

Pop open a bottle of bubbly and drink a toast to Bill Clinton, because the seeds of peace he planted in North Korea have finally come to fruition. Now that the tiny island nation has joined the small but growing club of nuclear-armed states, the chances that the imperialist aggressor Bush will invade North Korea are now slim to none. Thus, six years after leaving office, Bill Clinton has assured a brand of peace with North Korea that the Shrub couldn't achieve during his entire stolen peeResidency.

Granted, this peace didn’t come about exactly as we had planned. When our last elected President sent his only begotten Secretary of State riding into Pyongyang on the back of a donkey with a radioactive hunk of cheese wedged between her butt cheeks, it was hoped that Kim Jong Il would be so moved by our gesture of trust that he would forever refrain from developing nuclear weapons - or at least keep it on the low-low so we wouldn’t look like complete jackasses. But no matter how Bill Clinton achieved the peace, it's the outcome that is important.

That's not to say that a nuclear-armed PDRK is without any drawbacks. Make no mistake, Kim Jong Il is a dangerous lunatic. Sure, the Supreme Leader was a sweet little man who could be trusted to abide by a non-proliferation pact when Bill Clinton was president, but it only took six years for Bush to drive him completely nuts. It wasn't just the "Axis of Evil" remark, either. When the Shrub blew the lid off North Korea's secret nuclear weapons program, he forced the proud nation to brazenly continue what it had been doing discreetly under Bill Clinton for years. Our only hope is that a Democrat will be in the White House in two years, so that Kim Jong-Il will once again be a misunderstood yet reasonable man ready to sit down at the bargaining table with his American friends.

I don't expect Bush to thank Bill Clinton for Winning the Peace in North Korea. But Clinton should at least get the credit he deserves for insuring that no Americans will ever have to die on North Korean soil, but rather in the comfort of their own homes as long as they live within the blast radius.

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