UK Data Shows Excess Deaths Are Primarily in Vaccinated in 2022


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Dec 18, 2012
They are desperately trying to pin it on long covid even climate change LOL :auiqs.jpg:

UK Data Shows Excess Deaths Are Primarily in Vaccinated in 2022

Excess deaths since 2022 were primarily in the vaccinated, official UK data suggest, according to the online magazine The Daily Sceptic on March 5, 2024. The findings follow the UK Office of National Statistics recent announcement in December 2023 that henceforth, it would calculate excess deaths differently with the result that there would no longer be any excess deaths. Excess deaths in a population is the number of deaths over what would normally be expected.

Public data also shows tight correlations between vaccination rates and excess deaths in many countries.

Pathologists have established probable cause between Covid vaccines and excess deaths. Estimated at least 17 million deaths worldwide so far from COVID VACCINES, University of Ottawa Prof. Denis Rancourt.

Since high numbers of excess deaths taking place around the world that are not COVID, since COVID is at all time lows, the medical establishment nevertheless continues to ignore evidence such as the ONS data and publish studies purporting to show that COVID is, in fact, somehow still responsible, as well as factors such as climate change.

In the UK a group of Members of Parliament have demanded, in a letter, the government release data which would cast light on the level of responsibility of the vaccines for excess deaths. So far the government has refused.

In the letter the MPs wrote:

“If those data do indeed exist, please share them; if thorough investigations have already ruled out such a link, please share the relevant reports … There is no place here for blind faith … Questions about these trends … have been met with a … wall of silence.”

Below source


Proportion of excess deaths in unvaccinated (red line) versus total deaths (blue line), by age group (source1 source2)


Below: Timeline of excess deaths and COVID vaccination rates in various countries. Source (CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER IMAGE)

Pathologist Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, EU Parliament May 3, 2023, COVID Vaccines as Cause of Deaths

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Most people are vaxxed, thus...
No, that is a percentage so it's equal.

The issue would be "who is most likely to be vaccinated"?

Older, more prone to illnesses etc. I am not vaxxed. I'm not young, but I was (then) fairly healthy. If I had a weak immune system or underlying conditions I might get vaxxed, I would also be the type to be more prone to dying from an illness.

I think the only fair data would be "same age" and "death due to some heart related issue".

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