Trump on Clinton’s Trade Policies: We’re Living Thru Greatest Jobs Theft in the History of the World


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Mar 9, 2014
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“We’re living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world,” Donald Trump told thousands of Michigan voters on Monday.

During his two Monday rallies in the traditionally blue state of Michigan, Trump detailed the devastation its residents have experienced as a result of Hillary Clinton-backed trade deals.

“Hillary got rich selling your jobs – the same special interests who pushed the jobs out of America are the people who’ve given countless millions to the Clintons. Hillary gets rich making America poor,” Trump told supporters in Warren, Michigan. He added:

Just look at the devastation. Delphi, your area, laid off 3,627 workers right here in Michigan. Most of those jobs went to Mexico.

Benteler automotive laid off 233 Americans and sent those jobs to Mexico.

Steelcase laid off 870 workers; those jobs went to Mexico and Malaysia.

Autodie, once the biggest tool and die maker in the world, laid off 300 workers, getting smaller all the time.

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