If You Want To Know Why We Have a Donald Trump

I think the loss of jobs was a factor but not the only factor and IMHO not even the most important one. There was a bigger problem in 2016 that led to DJT's presidency, which was basically a distrust and dislike for the status quo in gov't that frankly has continued to this day. There was a sense of 'nobody is listening to us or addressing our problems' that Trump used to appeal to everybody outside of the big cities. We were getting lip service from the democrats and a lot of distain, as in we know what's best for you more than you do. Trump tapped into that and got himself elected.
Wrong or right, this is what happened.

However, don't discount that there was quite a bit of external forces that swayed things in Trump's favor as well. Namely the Republican's over 30-year campaign against Hillary Clinton, via the Clinton's in general, then ramped up on just her once it was clear she was a Presidential hopeful many years previous. Then the Feds putting their heavy hand on the scale by announcing days before the election that "Hillary was guilty of something, something, something, but not enough to prosecute her for." That led Americans to feel that rather than dealing w/the usual corruption, which was pegged as more than ever before in the Hillary thing, we might as well gamble on this newcomer.

That's what truly caused The Donald to win.

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