Trump, Obama, Hitler, Kim Jong Un: trannies trail grannies 28 to 96: FINAL result


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Apr 26, 2014
"Barack confesses that he was born in Kenya" pales in comparison with "I ordered the secret service to murder the mother of my love child at the White House".
"Pope Francis" will confess the same crime, where the mother is again Miriam, black, aged 34, albeit the child was still two months away from birth.
But only Obama's crimes include "I finished my granny with my own hands".

Christmas 2016 - One of the satanic illuminati jokes mocking the nativity of Jesus:
"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Wants Christians To Celebrate Grandmother's Birthday, Not Jesus Holilday".
Talk of grannies of actors casted as illuminati suicide bombers and Great Leaders, albeit in this case the literal title is rather Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation:
Illuminati are about to release this act, postponed countless times: Obama confesses to have strangled his granny at her bed in Hawaii.
History books will have this special entry in the countless official "list of Obama murders" at "days before Hillary Clinton succeeded GW Bush as the real 44th president".
Note: parallellism for the "messianic US presidencies" role in the illuminati anti-bible, alias "Osama Bi(nla)den " and "Last Trump-pe(nce)ts", ranges from "trans first ladies" to "stripped of all titles".

Talk of grannies which trannies at the end of the day still trail:
[Dec 27 2016, less than 4 weeks before end times computers will be stripped of ANY TRUTH: 96 to 28 million google results]:
Talk of members of the big sect, but this time not of those executing orders but of the rest, alias the special one:

HITLER's GRANNY: revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet:
She rewrote Atlantis to have it as foundation for the "superiority of the aryan race" and the commandment to "exterminate the inferior races".
She founded an organization that had the swastika as part of its logo.
Her first book's title ended "_ _IS unveiled", but paradoxically the riddle is solved by a repetition NOT by NT.
Her name ended in SKY but paradoxically she was neither slavic nor jewish but an ethnic german.
If you google her last name, _ _ _ _ _ _ SKY, ALL results as far as you can see (say the first ten pages) are related to her.
Her wikipedia page doesn't mention GW Bush's grandpa although an exact search for him (his first and last names googled in quotes) together with her name, returns 122,000 results [as of Dec 2016].
Reminder: GW Bush's grandpa has the same face as his daughter Barbara Bush.

More descendents
She was also the great grand mother of Angela Merkel (both have the same faces) and older half-sister Hillary Clinton.

Was she also Alexander Adolf Hitler's great grand mother?
At this point I will leave the question unanswered.
The current Illuminati Grand Master is "coincidentally" and paradoxically the official leader (albeit using his father's MIDDLE names) of the very same organization that:
- keeps what ends in _ _ IS off the _ _ _ S;
- resurrected _ _IS in Raqqa, Syria, after the death (two years) and before the resurrection (three years and still counting) of the Obamessiah, alias Obama Bin Laden.

Her first book's title ended "_ _IS unveiled": in this statement "ended" can be reduced to "was".
In other words: the solution is what these basic facts "coincidentally" unveil:
War on Terror Hoax alias War based on terror: ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies

Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _S? Google answers with the man who runs the world
Atlantis, The Simpsons: TRUTH cut in stone by Illuminati Grand Master
Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus: Atlantis. the Simpsons: TRUTH cut in stone by Number One

Talk of both having the same faces: see video morphing Hitler into his younger daughter Angela here:
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first
Truth (hidden) in plain sight, by the Illuminati: Angela Merkel with real mother Gretl Braun why

What is about to become part of the "most bombastic news ever" - All exposed only by Last Prophet - two or rather FOUR examples:
Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped
Apr 2016 -

Find the 7 parallelism differences to another BIG BANG chapter:
For a start: in this case the parallelism in names goes all the way beyond the initial M:
The mother(s) of Obama & Pope Francis's love children: the murdered black Miriam(s), age 34
Big Bang is NOW - from annihilation of pensions and savings to race war: Obama v Pope most shocking murder title fight in 3 rounds

Evolution Theory: "Out of Africa" becomes Out of Atlantis, albeit only for the "aryans", in one of these inversions:
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
Some of the scripts that will be suddenly inverted:
Big Bang is NOW - from annihilation of pensions and savings to race war: Most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever

All in Blog
The Big Sect: Trump, Obama, Hitler, Kim Jong Un: trannies trail grannies 28 to 96 FINAL
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