Trump Claims He Has Every Right To Prosecute His Enemies

At this point it appears that you all have left no other good options.
Can you think of any other candidate over your voting life you would vote for if he stole money from a charity, was convicted of what is tantamount to election interference, was found to have cheated on his taxes, raped a woman, orchestrated a violent attempt to block the elected prez's certification, and tried to use fake electors to steal an election?
‘I Would Have Every Right To Go After Them’

Surveying the news of the past 24 hours, we’re presented with a particularly sobering reflection of our current state of affairs. I will lay it out brick by brick in the items below, but first I want to circle back to Donald Trump’s appearance two nights ago on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

Hannity asked a leading question, clearly trying to throw Trump a softball that will let him deny his intention to use the office of the presidency to exact retribution against his political foes – even though Trump has spent many months now promising to do precisely that.

At first, Trump took the easy swing and suggested that he won’t perpetuate what he implies is a cycle of retribution he’s already been victimized by. But then he launched into an extended justification of doing exactly what he had just disclaimed and asserting that he has “every right to go after them”:

Trump Claims He Has Every Right To Prosecute His Enemies

This could be one of the better cons he's invented in a while. Setting up a win-win scenario by which should he be re-elected he can claim righteousness and excite the base for going after his proclaimed enemies, or get credit with the minions if he does not. Because if he goes after those who have held him accountable for his many crimes he'll say he's justified. If he doesn't he'll say he is showing great restraint. The Following will love him either way. This guy is a genius in a manipulative, malevolent kind of way.

Same thing with the hush money trial. Win or lose he set up a construct by which he was being unfairly treated by the system. Acquittal.......the charges were made up. Conviction.......the charges were made up. Amazingly, the rubes fell for it AGAIN.

So by this use of insane logic, Mr. Biden can just lock up Snoreleone now.
McQuade is pointing out the fascist nature of what Trump is doing.

Former U.S. Attorney Barb McQuade has a new essay on Trump’s threats of revenage and their consequences. After running through all the checks and balances that would limit the president’s ability to use the justice system as a tool of political reprisal, McQuade then asks what the point of it all really is. This part of her answer is spot on:

Even if politically motivated prosecutions ultimately fail, just bringing charges would be enough to tilt the playing field. If the public can be convinced that all prosecutors are corrupt partisan actors, then their work may be disregarded as mere political gamesmanship, and Trump’s convictions and impeachments will no longer matter. The result is to give Trump — and other political actors — license to commit all manner of crimes in the future.
The case against her would have been extremely flimsy and generally unprecedented.

Launching very flimsy cases is not what a normal apolitical prosecutor should be doing.
What is the big deal? The Progressive Socialist Party is nothing but revenge, even if it is not real. It's been doing it for a long time and has acquired massive power from it. The 95% Left wing media does not even sniff at Progressive questionable political chicanery. With the entertainment industry firmly in their back pocket, any cases prosecuted from Prog against Republican is a Hollywood Production. When it is Republican against Prog it is like a small-town UHF station. Progs have mastered the 5-minute attention span of the average American. So, we have a massive government and that works for the Progs as they sure love to spend and print up that fiat currency. Unfortunately, the printing presses may be owned by the U.S. Treasury, but the Federal Reserve is owned by private concerns with most overseas.
The 95% Left wing media does not even sniff at Progressive questionable political chicanery.
What chicanery that is comparable to violently blocking Biden's certification and trying to use fake electors to steal the election?

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