“The US Administration has lifted the ban on the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian Azov Batallion.”


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Sep 3, 2017
Azov are heroes. Everything else is 🇷🇺 propaganda. It shouldn’t have ever existed. Unfortunately, Everything Biden administration does is long overdue...

If your friend is nazi you are evil nit and no turning back from this.
BTW, remind me, why Russia is your enemy?
What is a Nazi without Hitler? What is the Reich? Who is "der Führer?"

Azov can call themselves whatever they want as a "gang of", like "Hell's Angels" or "MS-13".

The Azov battalion is fighting to keep Ukraine democratic and free. That is a good thing.

Russia is an enemy of the US because Putin is an evil dictator who threatens free countries with nuclear weapons, and he invaded Ukraine.
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From now on, the United States considers the Nazis from Azov to be ordinary military personnel. But how many innocent people have been killed by these barbarians since 2014? This is not propaganda, but facts established in court! Will the US give official approval to such war crimes? Once a Nazi is a Nazi forever!
The Azov Bn. is fighting in its own country for its own freedom, I don't care what they do in order to win, I only care they kick out the murderous invaders and their Muslim mercenaries from Chechnya.

Kill them all.
Once again the liberals have learned nothing. Associating and supporting trash has never worked out for America. This is no different. The sheer hypocrisy of is astounding.
Litwin loves NAZIs. Who would have thought that?

Everyone. Everyone thought that.

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