Top-secret records show Canadian companies received millions in suspicious transfers. Called "snow washing".


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Aug 6, 2012
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An article that is a long read and a bit of a thriller involving the death of one man and International insurance fraud occurring in Canada. It is so common that International criminals even have a term for Canada, "snow washing". Not hard to do in a nation that abuses it's own citizens and police apparatuses work to protect their budgets and reputation over actual legitimate police work.

This is just one of many reasons our allies don't trust us. I hope Americans in particular understand how corrupt and abusive nations certain allies operate and you do NOT emulate us.

Canadian corporations don't have the same stringent transparency that SEC demands. There is far more abuses that go on. Who knows how much terrorism has been funded through Canada? In this case, it was a Russian company that is accused of insurance fraud after a vessel, containing the dead body of one of it's crew members went down.

Experts say Canada and its provinces are lagging behind on corporate transparency

t was July 19, 2019, and the Ivan Golubets, an imposing vessel comparable to the size of a soccer field, was fishing in the resource-rich waters of the western Sahara — considered a hot zone for illegal fishing by large trawlers — when tragedy struck.

Oleg Niculescu, a 39-year-old married father of two, ran to the engine room to investigate the source of the fire.

The burning vessel was evacuated: 59 crew members made it out, but Niculescu was never seen again.

"He was a cheerful man who loved life," Anna Niculescu, Oleg's wife, told a Ukrainian television station through tears.

"And in the end, everyone was saved, but he is gone."

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