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Thousands rally in DC to urge Congress to get busy on immigration


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Aug 22, 2009
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WASHINGTON - Frustrated with the lack of action to overhaul the country's immigration system, thousands of demonstrators rallied on the National Mall and marched through the streets of the capital Sunday, waving American flags and holding homemade signs in English and Spanish.

Supporters came from around the country in hopes that the rally would re-energize Congress to take up the volatile issue. Some lawmakers oppose any attempt to help an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens, while others say stronger border controls should come first.

President Obama, who promised to make overhauling the immigration system a top priority during his first year, sought to reassure those at the rally with a video message presented on giant screens at the National Mall. The president said he was committed to working with Congress this year on a comprehensive bill to fix a "broken immigration system."


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