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The system


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Feb 22, 2004
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Posting from my myspace blog:

I was talking with my cousin earlier tonight about Chester, and Philly alittle. If anyone of you has been to Chester, you know its pretty much a mess. The City of Chester is basically trying to cheat my uncle out of one of his properties because the casino is driving up land value. So they are trying to get it condemned as unsafe, despite the fact that there are two engineering reports stating its structurally sound. They are also trying to get the power shut off to encourage locals to basically tear the place apart devaluing out of how much its actually worth.

Needless to say thats just one example of the sad state of affiars that goes on. I was with my uncle and cousin down there once and we saw a woman try to prostitute her sister out for booze. Id like to say i was kidding, but im not. Im totally seriously she actually tried to do that.

Anyway my cousin and I were discussing these things and others, and he asked me something to the effects of "Is the system broken?"

Honestly, I dont think its the system. I think the systems we have in this nation are the best in the world. I think its the people. Im not saying the people are bad. I think they are probably doing the best they can at this point. But let's face it, much of society has lost its moral compass. Things that would have been unimaginable on tv and in real life just 10 years ago are common place nowadays. Civility is completely gone from the marketplace of ideas. Years ago, science and philosophy was dedicated to learning and finding out the truth. Now they declare there is no truth, so what are we seeking to learn? People are fueled by hate with differences, ironically these people are often the ones telling others to be tolerant and love one another. People sink to the lowest common denominator of human behavior.

The fact is the people of this nation are suffering from a moral crisis. And its destroying our country. When the Constitution was written John Adams stated: "This Constitution was intended for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other"

Basically the system was designed for a good and moral people. It doesn't work if people dont have some basic morals. You cant have free speech if everyone doesnt respect the others point of view and speak responsibly. You cant have a strong economy if no one can trust his neighbor because of dishonesty. The freedom and liberty of our nation is based upon the principles of self-governance. But people refuse to govern themselves. And when they do that sooner or later some sort of tyrant has to rise up and restore order, and compared to the anarchy, the people will find it tolerable.

I don't want to get anyone sad or depressed with what I've said. I have hope for the future. but the changes we seek to make in the world have to start with ourselves. We need to start becoming a virtueous and moral people. And then when we do it, we can go to our friends and family and invite them to join us. And that will spread. But it starts with one person at a time.

I think the real question we need to ask ourselves, are we making the world a better place, or are we making it worse? I want to keep the system of government we have. I hope you do too. because we need more good, decent, and moral people out there.

But the change starts one person at a time. and it begins by learning and living good principles. Because when you learn good principles you start governing yourself by them. And you start to become happy. if you are bad, you can become good. if you're good you can become better.

And you know what? That's the message of the Gospel. Change is possible! There is always hope:) And if you are looking around for leadership and cant find one, then maybe you need to become the leader and help others as well:) I hope we can do what we can, because if we don't we are in serious trouble. Because trust me, the worst days in the past two administrations (Which im sure almost everyone thinks one of the two administrations was horrible) will be a walk in the park compared to whats in front of us.


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Jan 5, 2004
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Good stuff Avatar. Much of this hardness is something I see on the right as well. When I see republicans placing a greater value on economic growth than they place on preserving a future for americans, or above the value of rejecting slave labor I feel sick.

Of course economic growth is important, but nations exist to protect THEIR PEOPLE. when we are told we must eliminate our borders to satisfy the labor demands of american business, perhaps the growth is too fast; what's happening in this scenario is our opportunities are going to mexicans instead of being reserved for our future offspring.

Now we start getting into the area where the true agenda is revealed, because both parties start sounding like the opposite party. Republican Neocon Globalist liberals start sounding like traditional SP's, calling everyone a racist who is against immigration. And many Clinton Dem types start using the labor supply argument, which is odd, because usually they're upset about overpopulation. I guess overpopulation only applies to white people.


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Feb 24, 2005
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Tried to rep you again, Avatar, but I must spread it around. Good stuff. :)

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