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The Single Most Important Political/Social Solution by Political Perspecitve.


Rational and proud of it.
Oct 1, 2008
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Now, I am going to generalize, and that's the disclaimer, so don't anyone go get all bent out of shape about this. I'm just curious.

I would say that the Left believes that education is the most important root issue. Why that is, is because liberals believe that if you expose young minds to new ideas, and educate at them, they will most likely want change when it comes to social/political injustices, be more compassionate and understanding, realize that global climate change isn't a myth and neither is evolution, they will trust more in science than in religion, that they'll better understand political science (than liberals believe conservatives do), and that through education a young person will be more liberal or progressive.

Generally speaking, for the Right, IMHO, I can't figure out what they think the single most important social/political issue is, but I would guess that it is either one of the following:
Tax/Governmental Spending - Size of Government (Economy)
Personal Responsibility

That changing any of these or influencing people to be more religious (Christian), to reduce taxes and spending will empower people to make their own choices (which will naturally be more conservative), or to take more personal responsibility will put the balance of power more in the individual's hands than in the government) and result in more freedom and a stronger defense and more security for US citizens and therefore a more conservative culture and governmental policies...)

These are my opinions and guesses based on my experience and biased by my very liberal perspective.

How far off am I, how am I wrong; and if I'm right, how come? In other words, do you agree or disagree and why...

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