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  • I used to sorta know a "coloradomtnman" in another forum I used to hang out at. I live in Lakewood right near downtown. I should be moving to Arizona before winter if everything goes my way. I'll be a miracle if I survive another move. I originally moved to Wheat Ridge because I wanted to spend time in the mountains. That dream was sorta squashed when I came to find out that the Front Range is basically one, huge, residential area. What a bummer!!
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    Yeah, the Front Range is not only pretty populated, but those areas which aren't residential are crowded. And even the most remote places of Colorado see many visitors. I thought about Montana for a while but I love the cultural aspects of cities as well as mountains. Plus my family is here and you know how that is...

    But, Arizona?! Really?! Too damn hot for me. Alaska is way more appealing.
    I appreciate your rep but I love Christians even though I'm too mean to be one. That being said, I don't like this doomsday prophecy crap because it seems as if they have grown tired of waiting for their rapture. I find that difficult to understand.
    I too view myself as a rational person. And I believe that I have a rational concept of God.
    Yes I can be a cynic, but I'm not a pessimist.
    Oh... and thanks for the rep! :beer:
    You will get the full neg, 2 full halves for being an idiot of the type you have proven.
    Adding facts is always a benefit unless you are trying to promote a lie.
    All I did was add facts, fool.
    i now have a route named after me....a 5.7.....alice's wonderland....

    it took a lot of guilting lol....they are doing a new and bolting...

    a guide in wv bites the dust this will be a hell of a blow out...i cant believe he is getting married...i cant believe a organic woman is marrying him lol...
    ralph finkel died wednesday....3/03....died at dalton off the blue ridge parkway.....died solo ice climbing...he didnt move from the fall spot so we think he died instantly...park rangers noticed his car at the lot and found him..thursday morning. .the ranger was a climbing buddy.....ralph would have been 60 this month...he was one of the older son is devastated....the whole community is...he is survived by his mother and two sisters...

    everyone had begged him to stop soloing....he was totally alone...i am beginning to think old climbers dont stop climbing they just climb till they die...and of course this has started the whole fight with son and hubby.....over climbing...esp over ice climbing...the only thing i have ever ask is they both not ice climb....

    son has been mentioning lately...i told him it takes thousands in new equipment.....fucking todd spoke up and said he could borrow his

    hope all is well with you
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