the real victims of the far lefts propaganda campaign .


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Jul 16, 2011
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Inside your head.
what most of the sheeple that tout the lefts woke, critical race theory, marxist ,psychological assault on America fail to realize is that they not conservatives are the true victims of said vile propaganda .. republicans are not falling for the lies being vomited out from the left and the msm . its very simple brainwashing people into believing that they are privileged because of the color of their own skin while instilling shame on their consciousness and teaching them to feel a sense of guilt for things that happened before they were born ..... or convincing them to hate their own country making them believe that their homeland is an evil empire built entirely on white supremacy is a mental assault ! you see its very simple conservatives are not ashamed of their own skin they do not hate their country and they feel no sense of guilt for things that happened in the distant past that they had nothing to do with ..conservative men are not being emasculated and feminized by the toxic masculinity movement sweeping the left ! only dems are falling victim to the marxist movement sweeping the country ! democrats are the victims not conservatives ! democrats need to wake up and stop being enablers to the abuse being leveled at them from their leaders . leftists are not woke they are brainwashed !
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