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The Official Unemployment Rate Was Steady Due To 300,000 More Jobs(?)!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The federal government is increasingly reliant on the Ivy League for a well-educated "Fashion-Plate," force: Made most famous post-Katrina. Now there are even two of them in the White House, even seen Cavorting About Martha's Vineyard, if not entirely Tea Party dressed(?): Like Indigenous Peoples(?)!

The Ivy League tends to "hand-me-downs" levels of economic engagement, called, "The Last Will and Testament Of. . . ." Venturing out is not generally found to be on radar. . .and likely they don't have one of those. Anyone might guess that they miss a lot.

Officially, the planet has received the Public Announcement that the Unemployment Rate for the United States remained at 9.1% in August. Most will say that this is consistent with an emerging, robust recovering economy. Discouraged workers came back into the workplace, but 300,000 new jobs were created.

Therefore, all the world is of the opinion that actually no jobs were created, and that things are bad(?).

This is how the Ivy League likely sees it. There is a statistical madness to the Payrolls report of the U. S. Federal Government, more agreeable to their ways of life:

"The Current Employment Statistics (CES) program, also known as the payroll survey or the establishment survey, is a monthly survey of approximately 140,000 businesses and government agencies representing approximately 410,000 worksites throughout the United States. From the sample, CES produces and publishes employment, hours, and earnings estimates for the nation, states, and metropolitan areas at detailed industry levels."

Just for example, there are over 125,000 business enterprises in Los Angeles County alone. Anyone has to guess that all of the others all burned to the ground, disappeared in the earthquake, or got caught in the flood. There are not even 300,000 left of the others. There are only about 30 mil. people employed in the United States, if even that many.

The sample has likely been blown to bits with the scope of the recent downturn.

New business ventures are not likely easily shown in the CES payroll summary. Since the recent Recession is characterized as the "Great" evidence of failed Republican economic agenda and policy: Then likely a bias toward long-term businesses is being shown built into that survey. Those may have been consistently, high-employment private sector locations in the past . Those may have downsized, or even their kind of business may have disappeared. Government agencies have famously downsized. The schools that created the downturn: Should have been allowed to disappear.

New businesses and agencies woud not be said to be appearing, except that the Official Unemployment Rate is drawn from a different survey, where 300,000 new jobs appeared, statistically, just in August, 2011.

The World would officially regard the U. S. economy to be recovering robustly from the Great Recession, except that the Ivy League is stuck with the data bases they inherited from dear old dad. . . .and fairly clearly not from mom(?). . .who mainly filed for dlivoirce(?). . .and kept what she got!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Great Young Warriors of Lands Of Many Nations: Not Even Know of Strange Substance In Boston Harbor--favored by White Eyes, (Like on What Planet(?)!)
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