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Sep 2, 2016
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Music sales are one third of what they were in 1999. Sales of CDs have plummeted as have download sales and because of this artists have resorted to streaming. Since that has happened, criminal companies like TuneCore are filing false copyright claims against artists on Youtube and other streaming sites. Anyone can file a false copyright strike and then monetize the account. Youtube pays 60 cents to 7 dollars per 1000 views. The victim of these strikes is guilty until the are proven innocent and the process of proving your material is yours is next to impossible.

If you hear a local band that you like, please by their merchandise and support them.

Criminals At TuneCore Filing More Bogus Copyright Claims Against Youtubers

When it comes to music industry scumbags, TuneCore wins the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal and if there were a platinum medal they would win that too. Because artists are figuring out what a scam TuneCore is they are bypassing them and uploading their music to sites like iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and Reverb Nation without going through TuneCore and getting ripped off and getting the runaround.


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Jun 25, 2016
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not my problem

It is if you want good music. If you don't support artists then don't complain about how much today's music sucks.

This is the reason why most (but not all) new music basically sucks. Fortunately, vinyl is the only physical format which is actually showing an increase in sales, year after year, and it's only going up. I hope the trend continues.

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