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The Mindreader

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Mar 26, 2020
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Travis and Orella were superstitious. The occult and paranormal phenomenon were the core of their beliefs in what life was about. The weren't very skeptical and accepted many ridiculous notions that most people, even the imaginative ones, would reject. Travis based his beliefs on his personal experiences and let his gut guide him, using esoteric literature as an inspiration for his choices. Orella was more studious, purchasing books on astrology, palm reading, symbology and a plethora of unaccepted and odd matters where the mainstream wasn't concerned.

They were the sort of au naturale hippy farmer's market folk that you'd anticipate finding anywhere in smalltown America. Their apartment was a trove of alternative fetish items and special interest novelties. Solemn and mellow beatnik music often played in their well-used worn boom boxes as they smoked the green stuff and burnt cinnamon sticks with their goats milk milkshakes. Hemp was a favorite material of theirs and they liked to use it wherever they could. They also sometimes made their own clothes out of hemp using the patterns of store-bought items.

Orella was a barista in a backstreet café on the western side of town. Travis worked at a used book store for his uncle. They were both out of college for the summer and weren't sure what they were going to do next. For now though, they would enjoy their time together.

Orella was an avid Thoth player. She would use her Thoth cards to guide her daily life. Travis would often let her use him as practice to advance her Thoth skills. He liked the pictures and the artfulness activated his imagination but overall they didn't influence him on a profound spiritual level. Orella however was mesmerised with Thoth cards. Orella would be enchanting with her explanations although her accuracy was lacking. He never lamented her inaccuracies because he loved her and didn't want to hurt her feelings.

She would often though ask him to do something occultist but he was deficient in established obsequies. And that was what he called it, "The Obsequies". That confused Orella but she never asked Travis why he called the occult "The Obsequies". She thought perhaps that was his secret, like a code or a dance.

Orella said, "Do you got any new Obsequie ideas to share?"

Travis said, "Nope. Not at all. I'm going to drum circle, where's the rubber bands?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Travis and Orella were in Seattle. They left their rusty Honda Accord at the parking depot next to a tattoo and piercing shop and were now walking through a crowd of quiet smart phone users. Travis remembered when he was a kid and he went through this part of town there weren't a bunch of dull people with their heads bent staring at screens in their hands. People couldn't be bothered with that sort of thing back then, they would go places and do stuff. Now, like this right here, he was disappointed. Life could never be as great as it was before the smart phones.

When they got through the silent crowd of device worshippers Travis said, "Do you really want me to go to the phychic? I would rather drink a thai milkshake and read a book."

Orella said, "Don't be a spoiler. You're going to like it. I waited to see this psychic for months now. She's the highest order of mind reading protégé in the whole state. I made this appointment in February, we can't throw it away now. Besides, I already paid her and there's no refunds."

Travis said, "Alright, you know what you're saying. Listen don't glisten."

Orella said, "I should take you there without pulling your hair."

Travis leaned in so his face was close to hers and said, "Where you stone a stick a stick should stone so a sticky stone can stun a stink."

Orella laughed giddily as the rubbed the tips of their noses together with sleezy warmth, saying, "A hobgoblin slobbered on a cauldren ladle then hid a pillow mint under the table."

Travis laughed quietly then they kissed with hot passion as they walked towards the psychic's house.

The psychic's house was wedged into a small lot and looked a lot like a toy house or an oversized boy's fort. A wooden sign hung over the steps to the wooden porch on the metal links. The sign read, "Divina's". On the door was a sign on the window that read, "Open". Travis and Orella walked in.

Once they were inside Travis said, "You wouldn't know that a psychic lives here. There's none of the usual neon signs or any of what I saw on other psychic's businesses."

Orella said, "Divina is low key when it comes to advertising."

In the main area of the miniature house was a desk with a man sitting behind it. He said, "Good to see you here. My name is Cory. I'm Divina's husband. Do you have an appointment?"

Orella said, "We're Orella and Travis Singleton and we were given the ten o'clock appointment."

Cory said, "Thanks. I'm happy you chose Divina, she's a really gifted psychic and I trust that you can thoroughly enjoy her attentions. We ask that you fill out a questionnaire before this appointment starts."

Cory handed both of them clipboards and then said, "Do you need something to write with?"

Travis said, "We got something already, thank you though."

Cory said, "Take your time."

Travis and Orella completed their questionnaires on a fluffy couch. The task took them a minute to get done. Cory took their clipboards and looked at the answers.

Orella’s questionnaire read:
1. Do you feel good today?
2. Are you psychic?
3. Ever get what they call, "the cough?"
4. If you could go anywhere in space and time what would that be?
August 12, 2017. Arkansas. My parent’s anniversary.
5. What is your favorite song?
I don't want to say, it's a movie song and it's a secret.
6. Are you high right now?
7. What ever happened to pogs?
I don't know.

Travis's questionnaire read:
1. Do you feel good today?
2. Are you psychic?
3. Ever get what they call, "the cough?"
4. If you could go anywhere in space and time what would that be?
11 steps behind me.
5. What is your favorite song?
I don't listen to music.
6. Are you high right now?
7. What ever happened to pogs?
What is a pog?

Cory grinned at the answers and then said, “Follow me, right this way.” Travis and Orella followed him into the next room.

The small room was thickly decorated with beaded tassels that hung off the ceiling and glowing globes with patterns etched into them. The light was dim and a single round table was in the center of the room with a full-circle bench around it.

Divina sat at the table facing the door. She wore a frilly blouse that widened a the wrists. Her hair was long and silky without much volume to it, appearing as though it were wet but it was naturally fine and shiny. She couldn’t have been much older than her mid-twenties. She wore wooden bracelets with Latin words burnt into them. Her fingernails were long and painted bright blue. On the round table were dozens of stones painted with mysterious symbols.

Cory said, “Go ahead and join Divina if you’d like.” Travis and Orella did so. Cory said, “I am closing this door now and leaving you with my lovely wife.” He left them alone and returned to his desk.

Divina said, “Good that you joined me. First off I want you both to take a stone out of this batch.” They chose their stones. Divina said, “Good. Now set your stones in front of you on the table.” They did as directed. Divina said, “Okay. We are ready.” She raised her arms up in a Y configuration and closed her eyes. She hummed a tune with a closed mouth then with her eyes shut she chose a stone from random and held it in her closed palm. She opened her eyes and said, “What would you like me to see?”

Orella said, “I keep dreaming of my mother. She died in 1996. What can you tell me about her? In my dreams she is usually sailing on a rotted wooden ship and it looks like the 1800s."

Divina said, “One second.” She closed her eyes and hummed, turning her face to the ceiling. She suddenly quit humming and said, “I see a tower on a sea shore. A light house. I see your mother on the beach, watching waves. She says that your father is in heaven and she’s waiting to join him.” Divina opened her eyes and Orella sighed a sigh of relief.

Travis became skeptical. He didn’t believe Divina was a true psychic, he thought that maybe the appointment took a long time because Divina and her cohorts needed to spy on Orella to get enough information together to trick her. That's what Travis thought. He wasn't impressed. He wanted to leave. He decided that since he couldn't leave because it would upset Orella. Instead he would challenge her to her limits, asking questions she couldn't cheat to know. He said, "Years ago before I met Orella I would walk a route to work. On that route there was some litter someone kept leaving there to mess with my mind. Then one day a man was hit by a train at the same crosspoint that was on my route. Ever since then the little litter mind game ended and I quit feeling like I was being stalked. Can you tell me who that person that died was so I can look him up? Can you get the name?"

Divina revealed the stone in her hand and said, “Finding someone's name can be very difficult but I think you got the aura to make that truth available."

Travis actually already knew what the stalker man's name was, he lied to Divina to test her abilities.

Divina held an open hand out over the stones and slowly felt the air over them, bringing her hand around in circles then took one up without looking at the symbol painted on it. She closed her eyes for a minute. Orella and Travis watched silently, waiting. Finally, she opened her eyes and said, “Canda. Canda Huft. No, it's coming to me, wait. Caleb Ranch. You should search the records for a Caleb Ranch. Or start there at least. Names are tough for me.”

"Alright." said Travis. Divina wasn't too far from the truth, the name was actually Casey and his nickname was Rash. Actually, that was damn close. Travis listened with less criticism now.

Orella said, “Can you tell me where a curse on us is coming from? Do you know about curses?”

Divina said, “Yes. I am experienced at curing curses. Tell me about your curse.”

Orella said, “This curse isn’t only on me alone. Travis shares this curse with me. This curse seems to have origins of when we went to an amusement park. We aren’t fully sure who cursed us but we deduced that it was an amusement park employee. Ever since we went to the amusement park last month bad things started to happen. Odd things and coincidences that get in our way. They are all small things that happen or small things that people do but they add up and build into a stronger and stronger curse. It is like, whenever Travis and I are out and about together random people try and interrupt anything we do and pull us apart. They want to make us stop showing affection for one another. If we are holding hands someone might bring us a map and ask Travis to give directions. That is only one example. It started mildly but now random people seem under some sort of paranormal control and they are getting ruder and ruder every day. None of these people know each other. This wasn’t some sort of conspiracy. They aren’t connected. Yet, they increasingly each day add on to this curse and it only increases with frequency, intensity and rudeness. If we are apart it doesn’t quit there. When we plan to get together, these paranormal forces will try and distract us, delay us, make us forget each other and it only seems to get worse. This curse is an attack on our love for each other and our love of affection with each other when we are together. Have you ever heard of this before? Does that make sense to you? You don’t think we are crazy do you?”

Divina said, “Of course not. This one sounds a lot like several other curses that I cured before. Here, what we will do is hold hands, Orella. We will close our eyes.” Divina reached out over the stones on the table with both of her hands. Orella did the same and they lightly locked their hold on each other then closed their eyes. Divina said, “Breath slow and make yourself calmer.”

A minute of silence.

Divina said, “Okay, now, think back to the amusement park and try to remember who cursed you. Do you know who it was?”

Orella said, “No. We saw many people that day. Nobody comes to mind so easily.”

Divina said, “Okay. We will try this another way then. Try and recall the curse and follow it’s path in reverse to it’s sender. Imagine the curser outside of the amusement park in their normal lives. Do you see who sent the curse?”

Orella said, “I see a crowd of rock and roll fans. Now I see a stage. Yes. It’s a singer in a rock and roll band. It’s a singer in a band. That rock singer is the one who made this curse. I recognize him. I remember who it was. He worked at the amusement park, selling merchandise. We bought some merchandise and he was a jerk. He somehow cursed us.”

Divina said, “Alright. Now that we know who it was, return to that rock show and picture the singer that cursed you as though he were alone. Do you see him?”

Orella said, “Yes, I do.”

Divina said, “Okay. Now, you are like a ghost in your memory but’s very faint and weak as connections go. To strengthen this connection shut me out of your mind. Push me into your subconscious. I am now a voice you can’t hear, guiding your actions. We are going to make this curse right. We are going to cure you of your curse. You are free to become less ghostly, and now you can affect that reality in your memory as though you were editing a film or touching up a painting. The changes you make will affect reality. Go ahead, Orella, curse the curser in revenge.”

Orella started to quiver a little.

Divina said, “Describe your revenge on the rock and roll singer who cursed you and your boyfriend, Orella. Tell me what you’ve done.”

Orella said, “I cursed him all over. I cursed his joints, I cursed his actions, I cursed his words, I cursed his thoughts, I cursed every step he takes. I am cursing him in every way that I conceive with every instant that I observe his existence.”

Divina said, “Okay, good. Now you are done. Your curse should be effective instantly. Now, Orella, awake.” Divina smacked the table top with her hand. Orella shook quickly and looked at Travis. She hugged Travis with a twinkle in her eye.

Divina said, “I am sorry to have to end this session now. I am exhausted and I need some rest. If you’d like to return for a second session I will put you on a priority list and you won’t have to wait for months like you did this time. How are you two feeling right now? Do you have any questions?”

Travis said, “No questions. I think we are both as exhausted as you are, Divina. Thank you, your psychic demonstration is very insightful and I would like to return for another session.” He squeezed Orella in his arms as they continued to hug affectionately.

Divina said, “I’m happy to hear that. You can reschedule at the desk with my husband Cory.” Divina stood up and bowed at them. She said, “Have a great weekend.”

Orella said, “Thank you.”

Divina left them alone in the room with the door open.

Ten minutes later they were outside again, walking back to their car. A window display was filled with televisions and a news service was being shown. Orella exclaimed, “Hey Travis, look at that! It’s the singer in our psychic session! What a coincidence! That’s the fool that cursed us!”

Travis said, “Yeah, I recognize him! Exactly as you remembered! That jerk at the merch table.

Orella said, “Woah…”

The news reporter said, “We are sorry to announce his death and our heart-filled condolences go out to his loved ones.”

Orella said, “Divina was right. Our curser is dead. Divina is a miracle worker.”

Travis and Orella were silent for a few minutes as they stared at the photo of the dead rock star who cursed them. Eventually Orella said, “Our love will stay strong, they won’t ever be able to pull us apart again or challenge our relationship to one another.”

Travis squeezed Orella and gave her a smoochin’ kiss on the cheek. She smiled and patted his arm. They lived happily ever after.
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