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The health care generation begins


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Jul 1, 2009
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Anchorage, Alaska
I am curious, for all the people I see on here saying that europe and canada have a great health care system, why do we all have to be on the same page and do things as europe does them or Canada?

we all want our system to be modeled after Europe? With smaller countries i can see this as a something that yes could be done. but with the population we have here, compared to germany or canada or the UK, why do the left want us to be like them? Population and the number of doctors we have should tell you this is not possible.

I hear they live longer in Europe so we need to model our Healthcare system after theirs. with less doctor's how can this be possible? It is more likely food and lifestyles that let these people live longer. Do we as Americans need a doctor to tell us how to eat healthy or exercise regularly? Not to overindulge in alcohol? I think Common sense should apply or does only a college degree qualifies you to give good advice

Last thing I saw was most countries wanted to be like the USA. Now we are warping into a country that models itself out of other countries. What Happened? Has it been that bad the last 250 or so years?

It seems this generation is not for personnel responsiblity and respect ( respect has to be earned). I have seen kid after kid working the system either at work or on the street to get by with doing as little as possible, kids walked by an old lady that fell and laughed and made a joke about it, I was soo angry and asked to speak with their parents after I helped the lady, they told me to F*** off and ran off. I have seen this generation degenerate into a sad state. so with the mentality of working the system and our government not taking into account for free loaders what will happen what is the end result? what has happened in the past 20 years? if you think these children are as innocent as they were in the past you are misleading your self. and to think these kids could lead the next generation. If I swore around my parents when I was young I would probably not be alive today, but I see this unfold in the supermarket and in the neighborhood. I have lived all across the United states in the south and in the north, east and west and it is the same story everywhere i have been. So I know this mentality is not isolated to a specific region.

So with this health care that was just passed do we really think we are doing a service to our children or is it already to screwed up beyond repair?

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