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This is a gov. take over of health care--regardless of public option--LOL.


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Sep 15, 2008
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15,000 new IRS agents & 157 new government agencies will be in charge of collecting money from Americans for this new approved health care bill. Everyone will have to pay for their health care insurance.

If you do not pay--& with all the powers of the IRS--they can & will seize money in personal checking & savings accounts- withhold income tax refunds-lien properties & even foreclose on assets--to obtain the money. Add to this--penalties & interest--& health care in this country has just turned into another tax bill.

Not only that--but if the federal government decides that your current health care insurance is not up to par with their health care ideology--you will be forced to obtain another--which most certainly you will have to pay more for.

Taxes will start to go up immediately in 2011-for this massive bill--but Americans will not realise any benefits for another 4 years.

Employers who are just trying to survive this recession will start to pay an additional 8% payroll tax next year--forcing them to lay-off temporary & part time workers. Employees who currently get their insurance benefits from their employers will start to pay taxes on those benefits in 2013.

To add insult to injury. The 4 largest rip-off insurers in this country just got awarded another 30 million uninsured to their customer list--ordered by the Federal Government & paid for by the American taxpayer.

So to Obama & the democrats who voted for this bill. DON'T tell me this isn't a govenment take-over of health care in this country--because it is.
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