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The Globalists Continue Dismantling America By Offshoring Jobs And Increasing Welfare


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Jersey
- And Entitlements

The globalist bankers and their agents with aspirations of world domination and names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon, Warburg, Schiff, Carnegie, Soros, etc. are in the process of dismantling America’s industrial capacity, flooding America with immigrants to destroy her cultural identity and collapsing the economy and government with the overwhelming numbers enrolled in the marxist socialist welfare, food stamp and entitlement programs that they, the bankers, actually have worked so hard to impose upon us.

And one may ask why elite globalist bankers would labor so hard for marxist socialism programs; but marxism, aka illuminism, is their tool to collapse our Western nations, governments and societies. And these elite have positioned themselves to be in control of all of the real wealth (diamond, gold, copper, iron, coal mines, oil wells and refineries, masses of farmland and agricultural resources) when the chaos and smoke clears from the destruction they have caused when the systems of the world collapse.

By their exclusive ownership and control of the Central Banks of every Nation they are actually using each Nation’s own funds to destroy itself. The Rothschild Federal Reserve/Central Banks are Trojan horses designed to destroy each Nations monetary system without spending a dime of the destroyers own funds, while leaving the destroyer in control of all the real wealth of every Nation.

read more video SmashABanana: The Globalists Continue Dismantling America By Offshoring Jobs And Increasing Welfare And Entitlements

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