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The Federalist Carries Story About Democratic Party Attempts to Prevent Voters from Voting for “Left” Parties and Candidates


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Feb 16, 2016
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Democrats Are The Real Threat To Democracy — Just Ask The Green Party

An outside, unbiased observer might call disenfranchising thousands of Green Party supporters voter suppression, but Democrats don’t care.

2 Sep 2022 ~~ By Victoria Marshall

The Green Party will appear on the ballot in North Carolina’s upcoming Senate contest this November, a federal judge has ruled — despite a coordinated Democratic effort to prevent it.
After the Green Party submitted thousands of signatures for its candidate to appear on the ballot in North Carolina, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) — represented by Russia Hoax lawyer Marc Elias’s law firm — began contacting the people who signed the petition for ballot access and asked them to remove their signatures.
Even the Green Party’s candidate himself, Matthew Hoh, received text messages from the DSCC asking him to remove his signature from the petition and saying “the Green Party takes votes away from Democrats, which helps Republicans win.”
This isn’t the first time Democrats have conspired to get the Greens kicked off the ballot, however. Democratic operatives, often led by Elias, have mounted effort after effort to disenfranchise Green Party voters whenever their candidate has threatened Democrats’ chance of winning.

Disenfranchising Voters Since ’04

When Elias was general counsel for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004, he was behind an effort by the Democratic National Committee that mobilized more than 53 law firms and 90 lawyers to file 24 suits in 18 states to remove independent candidate Ralph Nader (formerly of the Green Party) from the ballot. The lawsuits were frivolous, but they drained Nader’s campaign of precious financial resources.
When Nader sought relief in federal court against these lawsuits, he was denied.

2020 Green Party Suppression

During the 2020 presidential election, Democratic Party operatives also kicked Green Party candidates off the ballot, fearing they would take much-needed votes from then-candidate Joe Biden.
In Wisconsin, despite filing nearly twice the number of signatures necessary, Green Party presidential nominee Howie Hawkins was kept off the ballot for a frivolous technicality

Green Party Voters, Beware

Democrats’ concerted effort to keep Green Party candidates off the ballot is far from over.
Already the Greens appeared on 16 fewer state ballots in 2020 than they did in 2016, thanks to petty Democrat lawsuits. In Montana, Democrats sued to keep the Green Party off the ballot in both 2018 and 2020. They were also blocked from appearing in the U.S. Senate and House races in Texas in 2020. Thus, as long as Green Party candidates have the potential to siphon off votes from Democrats in key battleground races, they will be kept off the ballot by partisan operatives.
So much for being the party of “voting rights.”

Maoist/DSA Democrat Commies are FAR BETTER at extorting all left-leaning voters to vote for them - Republicans actually TOLERATE Libertarians being on the ballot...even though the ONLY REASON for having Libertarians there is to depress Republican voting totals, particularly when a MAGA candidate runs.“You Ain’t Black” If You Vote For Trump!
When it comes to etortion, ballot stuffing, and fraudulent elections Democrats are first on line and the man of the hour working hard to accomplish it all is Marc Elais.
Remember also the famous words shouted by Joey Biden. "“You Ain’t Black” If You Vote For Trump!"

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Jun 4, 2007
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Sites like the Federalist remind me of RT. They pretend to be news and information sites but their information is often biased and even wrong.


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