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Nov 26, 2011
I just saw this in a theater. It's also available on Amazon for 20 bucks, which is ridiculous. It was actually cheaper to see it as the movies on a $5 Tuesday like I just did.

Amazon does that for new releases, but the price will be reduced to about 4 bucks in a few weeks if you want to wait.

There was a TV show by the same name back in the early 80s starring Lee Majors. He makes a cameo during the credits of this movie. This movie is the same as the show.

During the credits, they show how some of the stunts were done and they show you the real life stuntmen behind it.

Along with starring in The Fall Guy TV series, Lee Majors is best known as the Six Million Dollar Bionic Man. Back when six million dollars was real money.

In this movie, they sneak in the sound effect that was used whenever the bionic man exercised superhuman strength.

So there's a lot for people of my generation to enjoy in this flick.

The director of The Fall Guy is an actual stunt man. So he made a movie about a stunt man.

This is a love story/comedy/murder mystery.

The director must really like I Was Made For Loving You by KISS. He plays it all through the movie, along with several different covers of the song. He throws in a Taylor Swift song, too. I didn't know it was a Taylor Swift song until the characters in the movie say so. The director must have thought it would bring some Swifties into the theater seats. I don't know.

Emily Blunt is the female love interest. She is pretty but has never really got my motor running.

Ryan Gosling is the stuntman and male love interest. I've never been a big fan of his, either.

Nonetheless, this movie exceeded my expectations. It is really fun to watch. The dialog is clever, and the physical comedy is well done. The whole point of the physical comedy is to make you think about the bad ass stuntmen who sacrifice their bodies to make these movies possible.

Some woman behind me in the theater must have REALLY liked this movie as she belly laughed at least once a minute.

This movie is funny, but not THAT funny.

It was nice to watch a movie in the theater which was worth the price of admission.

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