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The end of media driven identity politics


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Jun 19, 2010
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With an election cycle looming
I see a crack in the wall.
Media segregates "the black vote"
Which seems not practical.

Media versus America

The people that get the most attention deserve to get at the least
that describes government media

Thinking about that
At my last
thank you way to go Joe Biden !
visit to the fuckin' gas station

U do not deserve a corvette either. Asshole

My pal KJ is the master of IP
(identity politics)
conservative friend Mr. HERMAN Cain !

Opinion always finds a way somewhere every day in America.

My biggest fear today
not withstanding
Joe Biden and Margaret Sanger

is that this thread will be downgraded to politics

Mmm.. the word

What's missing from American Polutics is fun..

La la la... you'll never catch me Batman

The symphony crescendo

If YOU don't vote for me then you ain't black

If you don't vote for ME thEN
you ain't black

If you don't vote for me the u ain't black

If you didn't for me in the last election or now !

Honestly there are times when Joe Biden makes me embarrassed to be a white guy.
I'll get by it cause i'm not stupid 2 watch
Say... cbs

for the love of God How's that for a campaign slogan.

What he really means is

if u don't vote for me and you'll end up becoming a racist white guy

and then you ain't black..

Hey lunch !

This way joe ...

Sounds like a winner
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