The Differences Between "God" And "My Father Who Is IN HEAVEN"


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Mar 4, 2009
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Greetings to All:

Since the vast majority here does not know the differences between the “Only True God” (Jn 17:3) and “My Father who is IN HEAVEN” (Matt. 10:32-33), then this discussion is about laying down the doctrinal precepts teaching the “One God” and the “One Mediator” Christ Jesus (F+S+HS) between God and men. 1Timothy 2:5. “God” is the same “God” who sent our Lord Jesus Christ into the world (Jn 3:16-18) and the same “God” who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Romans 10:9. “God” is the “One God and Father” of Ephesians 4:6* and Christ Jesus is the “Lord” of Ephesians 4:5* the “Son of God” (Jn 1:34) walking around on the earth ‘and’ the “Son of God” (2Cor. 11:19) IN whom all things were created ‘and’ are held together (Col. 1:16-17).

God’s three witnesses are “God To Come” (spirit witness), “God Who Is” (blood witness) and “God Who Was” (water witness Helper/Priest) testifying for “The Almighty” in Revelation 1:8. “God Who Is” is speaking in Genesis 1 saying, “Let Us make man in Our image” (Gen. 1:26), which is a ‘triune’ image (GTC, GWI, GWW = diagram) whereby man and woman were created having a spirit (spirit witness), soul (blood witness) and physical body (water witness helper). “God” is the “Only True God” and “My God” who sent our Lord Jesus Christ into this universe:

"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the Only True God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” John 17:3.

“Jesus said to her, "Stop clinging to Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, 'I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.'" John 20:17.
The “God and Father” of our Lord Jesus Christ is the “Invisible God” of Colossians 1:15 and the same “My God” that no one has seen at any time:

“No one has seen God at any time; the Only Begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.” John 1:18.
The reason that nobody can possibly see “God” is because heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain God!

"Now therefore, O God of Israel, let Your word, I pray, be confirmed which You have spoken to Your servant, my father David. But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven [Gen. 1:8] and the highest heaven [Gen. 1:1] cannot contain You, how much less this house which I have built!” 1Kings 8:26-27.
Nobody can see “God” because He is very much INFINITE, so God sent His Only Begotten Son to incarnate for sending into this universe to become the “Lord” (Acts 2:36, Rom. 10:9) that men ‘can’ see. While the three witnesses of “The Almighty” are testifying in Revelation 1:8, the three witnesses of “The Word/Son” are testifying over in Matthew 28:19 having the same "Triune" IMAGE of the Invisible God like this (pic). “My Father Who is IN HEAVEN” (Matt. 10:32-33) is the ‘spirit witness’ of “Christ Jesus” standing IN HEAVEN right this very moment as the “one Mediator” like this:

Christ Jesus under Red Arrow

Open up the diagram and find the “Heavenly Man Christ Jesus” under the red arrow standing in “Heaven” of Genesis 1:1 that is the “Highest Heaven” of 1Kings 8:27. You are looking at the “True Tabernacle” (Heb. 8:1-2) that the Lord God (One God) pitched and not man with “Two Veils” exactly like the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple (diagram) also having the same exact “Image of A Man.” This is the point in my presentation where you can accurately note the differences between the “Only True God” (One God) over in His Infinite Realm (far left of Fig. 1 and top of Fig 2) where the three witnesses of “The Almighty” are joined together as a ‘man’ having a spirit (God To Come) and a soul (God Who Is) and a body (God Who Was) in the very same way that the Word/Son also has a spirit (Father), a soul (Son) and body (Holy Spirit) having the IMAGE of the Invisible God that no one has seen at any time. Then realize that this Adamic Universe also bears the same triune IMAGE having a spirit (heavens), a soul (heaven) and a physical body (earth) in the very same way. Then realize that this triune universe is contained inside of Christ Jesus (The Word = F+S+HS) also contained by God (GTC, GWI, GWW) like this:

Now you can see the reason why Heaven of this Adamic Universe (in blue) ‘and’ the Highest Heaven containing this universe (in red) cannot possibly contain “God,” because He is like the Infinite Shell of the triune egg while Christ Jesus (The Word = F+S+HS) is the almost infinite white of the egg and this Adamic Universe (heavens, heaven and earth) is the yoke of the egg. The “God” to incarnate in Revelation 21:1-3 represents the entire Infinite Realm, while Jesus Christ (F+S+HS) represents the entire “Word Realm” which is “Heaven” of Genesis 1:1. Adam (Gen. 2:7) represents the heavens, heaven and earth of this Adamic Universe, which is Abraham as the father, Joshua as the deliverer, Elijah as the prophet, David as the king and John the Baptist as the ‘man/priest’ (heaven, heavens and earth) sent from God (John 1:6). When you lay out the original three witnesses (God, The Word/Heaven, Adam/Earth), then you see the triune egg laid out in tabernacle form like this:

Here again we see “God” over on the left side with “The Word/Heaven” between God and men and “Adam/Earth” represented by the blue water witness sphere over on the right. However, we see no “My Father who is IN HEAVEN” in “The Word/Heaven” of Genesis 1:1 in the red sphere, because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all “one” and the same thing ‘before’ God sacrificed the Word. You see no ‘heaven’ (Gen. 1:8) or the heavens or earth in the blue Creation/Adam sphere, because again, they are all ‘one’ and the same thing ‘before’ the earth became formless and void in Genesis 1:2. The ‘three witness’ sets emerge from the ‘piercing’ of the Heaven/Word and the Earth/Adam into this:

Now you ‘can’ see the Heaven divided into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit standing as the Heavenly Man “Christ Jesus” between God and men of this Adamic Universe where Christ is the F+S+HS and Adam/John the Baptist is the heavens, heaven and earth. The three witnesses of The Almighty are beyond the “Second Veil” and beyond the realm of time and space at the left of Figure 1 and the very top of Figure 2 represented by the “Holy Of Holies” of the Temple. Christ Jesus is the “High Priest” (Heb. 8:1-2) working between the Two Veils representing the “Holy Place,” while this universe stands outside the First Veil in the Court with the Laver of Water. I explain these things in Post #12 and Post #13 here from a slightly different perspective for those wanting to go into these things for more understanding.

Those of you worshipping the three witnesses of “The Word” as “God!!!” are replacing the “Only True God” with something FROM HEAVEN, which is in direct violation of the very First Commandment for Israel of the flesh!!!

"You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of WHAT IS IN HEAVEN above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.” Exodus 20:4.
Right off the bat, you can see a problem with worshipping “My Father who is IN HEAVEN” as the “Only True God” who sent Jesus Christ (F+S+HS) into the world to save sinners. We already saw that “No one has seen GOD at any time . . .” (John 1:18), but the Father (John 14:8-11) and the Son (John 1:34) and the Holy Spirit (John 1:32) are ALL SEEN by even mere men! That is what God intended by sending “The Word” (John 1:2) to incarnate (John 1:14) in this universe as the “Lord God” of Genesis 2:4+ and our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 1:35) as the “Son of God” in the first place. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the three witnesses testifying (1Jn 5:7-8) for “The Word” with God (GTC, GWI, GWW) very much IN Him (2Cor. 5:19) reconciling the world to Himself. A miniature of the entire Word Realm (Christ Jesus) is contained within “Heaven IN you” (diagram) for all believers in our gospel, according to “this Mystery among the Gentiles” which is “Christ IN you.” Col. 1 :27. However, the most dynamic truth of all is that “God” is enlarging IN Him (Fig 2) making you a triune Tabernacle of the Living God with Christ (F+S+HS) ‘and’ God (GTC, GWI, GWW) very much “IN” you; but ONLY for those with eyes from God to see. I am,

In Christ Jesus (F+S+HS) even now,

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That is wierd.

Besides it is "My Father who art in heaven".
How many times has the wording changed?
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