The difference between grievances and the grievance industry, is the difference between conservatives and leftists.


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Dec 8, 2013
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There is a great difference and if we understood what the grievance industry is, we would understand that the grievance industry has no intention of solving any grievances. Once you understand how much LOOT is able to made off of the grievance INDUSTRY, then you will understand how most of the corruption we see happens.

The entire democrat party THRIVES on the suffering of people, and so hence the reason why EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM have an addiction to play the victim.

Even the ultra wealthy. It is real sickness and the heart of the problem.

Look at how many fundraisers the democrats run to "do good" in those inner cities they supposedly care so much about. Yet, hardly a thing ever gets done, regardless of the rivers of money that flow in.

They all go on down, love to take their photos to let all of us know all of the "good works" they are doing. A big party of accusing white people, Christians, America, capitalism and on and on and on.......

How much money flowed into Baltimore only to see it sink further and further without anything happening. And if ANY republican or white guy etc criticize it or have any resistance to it by calling it out, well out come the race card grenades. Tossed relentlessly until that person either backs off or is destroyed by the media or hollywood.

Understand that the democrats create PROGRAMS in order to PROGRAM PEOPLE. Once a program begins, or is founded, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE politically to stop it. Cause so many people then become RELIANT and the more people RELIANT the more people are ENSLAVED.

This short clip from this movie shows precisely how the democrats (globalists) are enslaving us. This is how it is done.

Poor blacks in this country have no clue how owned they are.


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Jun 27, 2011
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sw mizzouri
I see whites doing it also and I do try to teach them a different way of life but they are not interested they prefer to live in frustration and hate. The black folks where I live are immigrants and still there ia minority of them that play the victim, so is it inherent behavior or a personality defect? I know all you want to do is blame a political party but the source starts in humans life long before politics enters the fray.

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