The bitch is back!!!

Working Man

Aug 22, 2004
I saw both bumper stickers and lawn signs for Hillary the Hosebag Clinton while driving around burning up gas this weekend. So, all you FAR- right wing nuts who think GW and the team is invinceable,, we shall see

I don't like her, or her husband. They were never acceptable to me.. But too many right wing wackos are going to make it easy for her to become the first douchebag president... Not that I have anything against women who are skilled, intelligent, and worthy, only that Hillary is none of these. She is an opportunist who is married to an AH. Only thing notable about Bill is that he realizes that there are much bette pieces out in the world to tag, and does.:boobies:

And for the record, thank the losers of the pitiful state of NY for helping to kill America with such a hosebag Senator. New York SUCKS!!!

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