Sudan lashes at foreign support to Opposition


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Oct 17, 2012
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Sudan has lashed at countries providing support to Sudanese opposition groups.

Foreign Minister, Ali Karti said that such moves encourage the groups to refuse reconciliation and stability because they do not have a interest in peace.

Karti received a German Foreign Affairs delegation yesterday and briefed them on the international community stance, those who want peace in the country and those who seek its collapse.

The German delegation expressed appreciation for Sudan's stance against terrorism in the region, praising its efforts to combat terrorism in collaboration with neighboring countries.

The German official emphasized the US sanctions affects on the country and the peace process, saying it paralyses economic development alongside increasing peoples' suffering.

The delegation agreed that national dialogue is the suitable way to achieve peace and stability, adding that Sudan is credible in achieving the initiative which is based on interaction from both government and opposition.

The German officials conveyed to the government the result of the opposition recent meeting in Berlin, saying the groups were divided into those for or against the national dialogue.

The German trip to Sudan came after Berlin hosted the oppositions conference, where the delegation met a number of Sudanese senior officials.

The delegation included the directorate of political affairs bureau and directorate of East, horn of Africa and Madagascar.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information, Ahmed Bilal Osman said the new declaration would neither impact the national dialogue nor the forthcoming general elections, reiterating his call to all political parties and forces to participate in the dialogue.

“The elections will not stop…we will stay the course with determination and the will of the people…we will not abandon them [elections] because it a constitutional obligation,” he said.

He told Sudanese Media Center (SMC) that the Berlin Declaration would not be different to other declarations which the government ignored, the minister said in a reference to “Paris Declaration”.

Osman claimed holding elections will produce popular forces capable of solving the problems the country is faced with, adding that the government will only meet with opposition in Addis Ababa to agree procedures to conduct the national dialogue at home in addition to a road map and the 7+7 committee.

The meeting of Sudanese opposition in the German city of Berlin came under the auspices of the German government in a bid to support and broker peace in Sudan.


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Feb 6, 2011
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Refugees flee violence in South Sudan...

Thousands of civilians flee violence in South Sudan state
Jan 9,`16 -- The United Nations refugee agency says a rise in fighting in a once-peaceful part of South Sudan has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes since December.
Rocco Nuri, a spokesman for the agency, said Saturday that 23,000 civilians have fled their homes in South Sudan's Western Equatoria state, including 8,000 people who have left for neighboring countries. Many are hiding in forests are beyond reach of aid groups, he added.

South Sudan's two-year conflict mostly focused in the country's northeast between government troops and rebel forces, but numerous militia have formed in Western Equatoria recently.

Rafael Patrick Zamoi, the governor of Western Equatoria, said the government aims to make peace with insurgents but will crack down on those causing instability.

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