Study of Behavior part 3 -censorship as a tactic to hide


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Jun 19, 2009
Study of behavior, part 3:
Censorship as a means to hide or sweep under the rug rather then Teshuva.
=Hiding behind a rock.
Burying ones head in the sand.
Christianity ALWAYS USED & NEEDED CENSORSHIP TO SURVIVE and for sake of affiliation pride.
So they murdered and tortured scientists, scholars, and the likes. Burned books, threatened boycotts where they would not buy or sell with people unless they had the mark of death the cross.
They removed portions of gospels, even whole books. They kicked priests and pastors out who merely spoke up.
They hacked and crashed web sites, toasted computer drives, removed censored sites and had posts removed in censorship, simply because they could not answer to them and refused to address what they revealed.
No Teshuva= repeat sins, thus the world keeps running round and round in a circle of mistakes pain and suffering 'cause they'd rather chase their own tails then recognize the one they are barking at are themselves.
Liberals try to label folks all the time as a means of censorship. Basically you are a great example of its use in practice. Note the fail.
Have no idea what you are saying, your point or purpose or assumption, yet I'm not gonna censor you for openly posting a pointless reply. : )
Hmmmmm....The ability to hide in plain site is a much better tactic then to openly censor someone...But if someone doesnt have a leg to stand on then they feel they have no choice....It is ironic that most people live their lives in "service" to some group or job or religion only to find out that they are not in service but in servitude and that usually they have put themselves in that place and can easily get out but their ego is standing in the way...The saying the truth will set you free does not apply to them because they hide from the truth to stay in their self imposed servitude and censor anyone that disturbs their view of the universe.....
It's why I use the chess board analogy, in hopes they see a similarity behavior trait. When the chess player has no more moves the adult bows down and admits defeat, but a mere child might throw the board to the ground in a fit of rage. If they can't play then they will ruin it so nobody else can.
Ezekiel says it this way:
Ezekiel 34:18 Is it not enough for you to feed on the good pasture? Must you also trample the rest of your pasture with your feet? Is it not enough for you to drink clear water? Must you also muddy the rest with your feet?

I said it this way in a quote from back in 1999:
"You basically don't like the fruits on the silver platter being handed to you generously, so instead of graciously passing on them you knock the tray over instead. You do this in a tantrum, so nobody can have some. Thinking everyone elses taste should be like yours, and they wouldn't want any either, you end up ruining it for everyone else from eating.... "
Chess is such an interesting analogy and it is so true of the world each piece has a different value or ability to move but the game cannot be played if even one piece is missing... The really interesting part is that even a mere pawn can become the strongest most valuable piece on the board if it plods along and manages to get to the other side of the board just like in life but people tend to miss this because they are too interested in "winning" the game to realize that by just playing they are a "winner" already.... The idea is not to win but to learn and be gracious if someone has more skill then they do because they can learn from that person and better themselves and pass on that knowledge to others who in turn will as well making life more full and complete and wonderfull to live....Unfortunately there are players who keep what they learn to themselves and will not share or will not want others to gain what they have but in the end these players end up playing alone as no one wishes to 'play" with them or they get all their "pieces" taken from them and they end up with nothing to play with....Interesting indeed,,,

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