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Aug 25, 2009
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"Of all sports, what is the most amazing moment (s) you have ever witnessed?"

For me, was at Super Bowl XLIII so it would be Santonio Holmes' game winning touchdown catch. How he kept his toes in the end zone was unreal! The pass from Big Ben was picture perfect!

A runner up might be watching Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns knocking out Roberto Duran cold. I never thought I'd see "Hands of Stone" put to sleep.

One for the road would be any Evil Knieval jump. That man had nerves of steel. He was said to have broken every bone in his body at one time or another.

Don't know if it was the most amazing but Reggie Miller scoring 8 points in 11 seconds is pretty good.

The Ward Gatti I fight was epic...but that is not exactly a condensed moment.

Bernard Hopkins folding Oscar Del-Avoid-ya with a short left to the ribs that took about 2 seconds to take effect was awesome on so many levels.

Greatest moment ever....

Tyree's helmet catch was probably the best pure single moment. It was in the super bowl, it kept the Giants drive alive. It stuck it to the Patriots and their perfect season. It was 3rd and 5, minute left in the game or so.. It was his last catch ever.



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Mar 1, 2008
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I was lucky enough to be in the arena to witness this. I was 17, and my Dad had just won "Driver of the Year" honors for 1979 from Exxon Corp.

Along with a $25,000 award, a silver platter and a Rolex watch, Dad was invited by Cliff Garvin, then Exxon Chairman and CEO, to attend the game with him. Mom didn't make the trip from Long Island, but my brother and I went with my Dad.

I'm almost 59 years old and, if I live another 59 years, I can't imagine witnessing anything more thrilling, nerve-wracking and exciting than that one hockey game...
yeah i would say this one the miracle on ice and the knievel jump take the cake for me

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