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So Tax Cuts are only Good Economically for some?...


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Mar 16, 2009
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Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde™
It's apparently going to be one of the Cookies that Barry tosses this evening in his Umpteenth Speech about "Jobs" since he took over going on 3 years ago...

Either Tax Cuts DO help the Economy or they do NOT.

If they work for "Small Businesses", then they work for "Evil Large Corporations" who Hire FAR More Americans and Provide on Average WAY Better Pay and Benefits...

Sorry, even on a Walmart level, a Mom and Pop Shop doesn't Provide the Pay and Benefits that Walmart does for it's Cashiers nor do they Hire nearly as many people.

And that goes from that level ALL of the way up to people Working at CitiGroup or Honeywell.

The President and his Party had 2 years of 3/3's control and the DemocRATS had 2/3's control and the Purse strings for almost 2 years BEFORE the Crash...

It's time to start letting some Bucks Stop.

As for Tax Cuts being a good thing to Stimulate Small Businesses, as the President will say tonight...

That Logic, and it is LOGIC, doesn't stop at the level he is Pandering to.

It WORKS for all levels of Tax Payers.

But he will Suggest that Borrowing even MORE with Low Tax Revenues to Create what I can only Assume is MORE "Green Jobs" and Coporations that Support the LACK of Demand for it, only later to go Bankrupt, will be about what his plan is tonight... And no Cuts in the Free Cookies he hands his Generationally Dependent Base out of the Pockets of others, of course.

Oh yeah, and Fixing all of the Dangerous Bridges that BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! let fall apart while he beat up Iraq.




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