So Much For The Blacks Running to Trump Claim

Loser victim

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Your democrat party still holds you in bondage with identity politics. You need to be led by the nose.
The Republicans are the ones playing identity politics. That's all MAGA is.
Posters haven't been doing anything of the kind. Since 2020, you've been posting how Democrats are "Walking Away", how black voters are leaving the Democratic Party because they sypathize with Trump being arrested. Trump even told black businessmen that blacks liked him because he was being unfairly prosecuted. That didn't even get polite applause.
These guys are delusional.
You gotta love polls. I used to be in that business and let me tell could make a poll look positive for Stalin by the wording, lol.

Point is-------->nobody should believe any of it. This is how it usually works---------------->somebody pays someone to spin when they are behind, and next cycle.......this person is put forth as Gospel...why? Because they were paid to spin, and surprisingly, their person who they spun for won. Therefore, they must know something we do not, and are accurate going forward, even though they were PAID to come to that conclusion in the 1st place.

Here is reality today-------> This election is again, going to be close. Both tribes are going to pick their side, and away we go again.

And so you of today, right now, in this moment, how does anyone project who/whom is going to win; and seriously, unless you are betting on it in Las Vegas, who cares, just cast your vote!

With that in mind, I am going to project........just for the hell of it!

What you have to understand is-------------->Joe Biden won the Presidency by around 50,000 votes, period, end of story. Now many are going to chime in that he won the popular vote by 6, 7, or near 8 million. Good for him, and it doesn't matter, lol. The ONLY thing that matters is the electoral college under our system.

Soooooooo, what DOES matter is---------->in the states he lost so closely, can he flip them back? Remember reality--------->a state you lost by 25000 votes doesn't mean you have to flip 25000 people, it means you have to pick up 12,500 and 1, if the vote count stays the same.

All you need do is look at the favorability's of Joe Biden when he ran in 2020 compared to today. Anyone who actually believes this rating can not flip 12,500 votes or more, is smoking something.

And then we have the Black, Male, swing! So IM2, you aren't buying it is a 15% swing. OK, I gotcha! What if it is a 3, 4, or 5% swing? Is that worth 12000 votes in these states............or more as they add on to other people who have given up on Joe?

Things can always change, and 7 months is a long time in politics. Trump could be tied to Epstein. Hunter could be proven to pay his dad.

But, if the election was held TODAY, you wouldn't have prayer! That means for you are behind, and by a lot. You can spin it today, any which way you want, but it is as obvious as the nose on your are grasping..............and now that you finally have pushback in secondary media; how does it feel to be a Democrat and outted now, and if you fail to convince reasonable people, your whole shtick is going the way of the do-do bird-)

That Hunter Biden stuff is over. I happen to be a black male. And I now other black males. I live in a trump state and black males aren't going to vote for trump here.
If none of you owned slaves, none of you freed slaves. So stop trying to give yourself credit for what the Republican party did before you were born. Because you ain't doing it now.
Ok, stop trying to make us pay you for something we didn’t do, and didn’t happen to you, Dumbass.
White racism has happened to me. Stop repeating that dumb bs.
Exactly. When a US Senator takes the floor and tells the entire planet that we're doomed because of black people, that's "white racism".

But you're ok with slurping on his lily white sack because he gives you the freebies.... which is exponentially more important than your fake, sanctimonious race card antics. You lean more parasite than MLK.... and that's ok... just be honest about it.

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