Senior Vice President at The Walt Disney Company: There’s No Way We’re Hiring a White Male

Vengeance at Disney and public areas is the nazi police state they have installed and is growing within their parks to enter and to leave. To do this and to make it look like all having fun. Surveillance, profiling, tracking increasing on us all. DEI employees also. Something at some point will happen that is not good. Public areas are open season for true terrorists. People want peace and relaxation when on some form of vacation. Yet we go to places that do not achieve that for the price with potential anxieties of impatience from waiting for everything to enjoy and can spend huge resources while at it.
Any white male who was rejected for a job at Disney should get a lawyer. What this guy is describing is a gross violation of federal discrimination laws. This garbage has to stop.

It's supposed to be racist.

But it seems it only counts if you aren't white.

Jordan peele the film maker is racist said he won't hire whites a lead and got nothing but praise for his movies about white people being racist in get out.

Biden said he would put a black woman on the supreme Court which is both racist and sexist.

And it just goes on and on and on because white people are cowards and afraid. Most whites either don't say anything, or the cowardly cucks actually stand up and degrade other whites.

This woke, diversity, esg driven and progressive mindset is doing more to cause racism in America than even the kkk could have dreamed about achieving.

It may sound terrible but I'd even argue that in its heyday the kkk was better than modern day reverse racists. At least the kkk did what they did because they wanted america to be better and stronger. Misguided as they were at least they loved their homes and country. But these people? They hate just for the sake of hating and they don't even know why. The kkk at least knew what they were doing was wrong which is why they hid themselves, these people will stand outright be hatefully racist on tv in broad daylight. They have not only harmed white people but our entire country and damaged what is is supposed to be.
Sadly there are no white males on the executive staff:

And what?

What's your point? Do you think a company discriminating against people based on their gender and the color of their skin is acceptable, as this man is claiming, or are you just running interference for your tribe?

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