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Russian and Ukrainians, idiots, are you still kill each other? Like Zelensky & Co Putin is a bitch of Schwab


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Anyone who supports and incites the war between two brothers is working for satanists like Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Macron, Scholz & Co
There is no one command of Schwab where Putin ( and Zelensky of course ) don't comply with

Putin is number one in the new 'vaccination' against SCAMdemic CONvid-1984, he is the number 2 ( after China ) in transformation of Russia into a concentration camp

Stop the war idiots and kick your corrupted lying satanists governments out!


Translation from Russian


While our soldiers on the front line are confronting the army of globalists, and our people, as morally and ideologically alien to the New World Order, the UN and David Rockefeller's "sustainable development," and the "Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab and Co, want to be completely destroyed, the Russian government continues to implement initiatives to impose an electronic biometric concentration camp in the country. A horrendous 140-page bill from the series of "regulatory sandboxes" that implements surveillance of every action taken by Russians via biometrics was submitted to the Duma by Anton Gorelkin, a not very notable deputy from Kemerovo, whose signature in fact reflects the ears of the Ministry of Digital Security. The document affirms the right of the authorities to ignore a citizen's consent to the transfer of biometric data to the UBS, establishes a biometric access regime in a large number of organizations, equates verification of identity "by face" with passport verification, and creates algorithms for the relationship between private organizations and private entrepreneurs with the citizens via the UBS. It is even developing the possibility of profits from the use of this system, as the operator will be able to charge any private individuals or individual entrepreneurs for access to the biometric database of Russian citizens. However, there is no question about any kind of personal data security, especially in our military environment. This horrible bill will be actively promoted by digital-sectarians headed by their Prime Minister Mishustin (just as they pushed through the anti-constitutional law on EFIR and tried to push through QR codes, fortunately, unsuccessfully) but in any case it is necessary to put a barrier to it.

The Draft Law № 211535-8 on the State Information System "Unified Information System of Personal Data ensuring the processing, including the collection and storage of biometric personal data, its verification and transmission of information about the degree of correspondence to the provided biometric personal data of an individual" (https://sozd.duma.gov.ru/bill/211535-8) is a real dream of "our" Central Bank and its Western mentors, as well as transhumanists from the Strategic Initiative Agency, neuronet scientists from the NTI 20.35 (the same people are still singing the praises of their colleagues - the latters).

Subject matter experts and serious lawyers will certainly conduct their own analysis of this TFG and give it an assessment, but for now we will note the main thing - at the level of sufficient experience in covering the pitfalls of "digital transformation", which has accumulated the editorial board of "Katyusha". It seems that a huge amount of "regulatory" text was conceived for the sake of this provision, which is hidden in the wilds of a huge document:

"If, in accordance with the Federal Law, biometric PD corresponding to all types or only one of the types placed in the UBS... /.../ these state bodies and organizations must place them in the UBS in accordance with the procedure for placing and updating biometric PD, without the consent of the relevant personal data subject for such placement, as well as for their processing by the operator of the unified biometric system."

This is a continuation of the resolution of the Ministry of Education that once a citizen of Russia submits his/her photo to any government agency or within the framework of biometric control at the entrance to his/her company, he/she will see it in the UBMS regardless of his/her desire. However, it is still possible to write an application to the UBS operator with a demand to revoke or stop the processing or destroy your personal data. But the fact that the UBS is to be filled out without citizens' consent is already beyond the scope of the 152-FZ "On Personal Data. For the first time it was decided not to take a person's consent to the processing of personal data, even for purposes that he did not initially declare and that he did not need (when taking photos for an international passport, for a Fan ID to attend a soccer game, etc.).

In addition, it will be possible to officially submit biometrics to the UBS, including through a mobile application:

"Russian software designed to process
Biometric personal data, which is part of the unified
biometric system and provided by its operator,
functioning with the use of encryption (cryptographic)
encryption (cryptographic means).

Private organizations will also be able to collect biometric personal data and scan people's faces:

"Organizations that perform authentication based on
Biometric personal data of individuals - organizations
Organizations implementing authentication on the basis of biometric personal data of individuals - organizations possessing information systems that provide
Authentication on the basis of biometric personal data of natural persons - organizations possessing information systems ensuring authentication on the basis of biometric personal data
Individuals, and (or) providing services of authentication on the basis of biometric personal data of individuals
biometric personal data of natural persons...".

And here is where identification should, as conceived by the authors of the bill, take place exclusively in the UBS. This means that private companies and individual entrepreneurs will not be able to process biometric data of their employees. They will have to send all biometric personal data to the EBU for verification. Thus, a single huge federal database is being monopolized - the basis for total biometric control, and its operator, by the way, will be a private legal entity... but about that a bit later.

"The unified biometric system is used to carry out
identification and (or) authentication of individuals
State agencies, local self-government bodies,
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, credit organizations
Non-credit financial organizations, subjects of the national payment system, and persons providing professional services in the
Financial market organizations, other organizations, individual entrepreneurs, notaries".

The desire of the authorities to implement biometric identification into absolutely all spheres of life is evident here. In essence any organization or individual entrepreneur will be able to introduce biometric confirmation of a citizen's identity, by connecting to the ESIA (where information about a citizen will be checked once again for accuracy) and the UBS.

It is important to note that the police, special services, FSO, intelligence, judges and officials of certain regulatory authorities, victims, witnesses and other participants in criminal proceedings, according to the document will be protected from the placement and processing of their personal data in the UBS. But all other citizens will not. But even this is not certain, as we will see later in the parsing of other strange provisions.

"Federal executive agencies authorized to
Federal executive agencies authorized in the area of security, state protection, state security and foreign intelligence have the right to process information contained in the unified biometric system or regional segments of the unified biometric system in cases and according to procedures provided for by Russian legislation.

So the security services will be able to use the UBS to locate anyone in the city and on private premises (including private organizations) within minutes. In principle, this is already happening to mobilization evaders, undesirable political oppositionists, major debtors, etc.

"If the subject of personal data withdraws the consent to process biometric personal data from the operator of the unified biometric system or receives from the subject of personal data
The owner of the regional segment of the unified biometric system, the accredited state body, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in case of its accreditation, the organization performing authentication on the basis of biometric personal data of physical persons, block, delete and destroy vectors of the unified biometric system", in accordance with the procedure stipulated by Federal Law 152 "On Personal Data".

And this is already from an important block about the rights of citizens. On paper the PFL contains an important clause protecting our rights - in the case of refusal to process biometric personal data the operator/owner of the regional segment of the Unified Biometric System is obliged to block/destroy it. So for active citizens defending their rights, all is not hopeless - even if their personal data has ALREADY been transferred to the EBU from other systems. You just need to make your will clear...

"Consent form for placement and processing of personal data
in the unified identification and authentication system and biometric
personal data in the unified biometric system shall be approved
Government. An individual may sign the said consent with an enhanced unqualified electronic signature, /.../ as well as with a simple electronic signature created by the UBS operator in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation on the use of electronic signatures...

Such consent signed with an enhanced unqualified electronic signature or a simple electronic signature is recognized as an electronic document, equivalent to a hard-copy document signed by the handwritten signature of this individual".

Here you have to be extremely careful because electronic signatures are already equated to a citizen's personal signature on paper. Without any reason to give any consent to the processing of biometric personal data in applications/internet is definitely not necessary.

"State bodies, financial market organizations, and other organizations must notify the subject of PD in any form that allows them to confirm receipt of the notice of such placement no later than 30 days prior to the planned placement of biometric PD in the UBS. If, prior to expiry of the term specified in this Part, an objection is received from a PD subject to the placement of his or her
PD in UBS, such placement shall not be performed. The subject of personal data may contact the operator of the unified biometric system to demand that his/her biometric personal data be blocked or destroyed in the manner prescribed by the Federal Law "On Personal Data" dated July 27, 152-FZ.

Again an important clarification to protect our rights. In other words, a citizen is not asked to provide his/her consent to publish his/her data in the UBS, but he/she has to be notified about the transfer of biometric data to the UBS, and it is possible to block this process within 30 days. And also after this period everyone still has the right to delete their personal data from the UBS (!).

"The composition of information placed in the unified biometric system,
including in its regional segments, including the type of biometric
personal data, information about the method of placement, including information about state bodies and organizations that placed
The Government of the Russian Federation, in coordination with the federal body of executive power authorized in the area of security, shall determine such information.

Unfortunately, the wording is completely framed. As a result, until the very last moment, you may not be able to figure out which body/organization and which of your personal data has been transferred to the UBS. Everything is at the mercy of the Government...

The functions of the operator of the unified biometric system are performed by an organization determined by the Government of the Russian Federation and complying with the following requirements:

etc etc etc

Just translate it by usage of the Google Translator

Below is the 'author' of the satanist 'law' Gorelkin, dual citizen of Russia and Israel
Look his masonic Illuminati hand sign


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