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Russia-Ukraine Crisis Deescalating As NATO Countries Break From Bellicose US-UK Stance


Designing Woman
Dec 1, 2012
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Niagara Escarpment
It merely makes clearer the fact that china is your master

You stupid idiot. There are no Chinese communists on this board, with the possible exception of Politically Chic,, but there sure are a lot of Putin loving Russians.

I find it impossible to believe that anyone with a functioning brain would ever vote Republican given their track record on the economy. You have to be a functional moron to keep believing that Republicans are going to do right by working people.

How many times are you going to let them crash the economy to benefit their wealthy donors???? I guess until your economy is so wasted it can't be revived. You're almost there, so it won't be for long, and then Republicans will nullify the Constitution and make some ideologue President for life. Gawd knows Trump tried.

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