1. FDR_Reagan

    Islamization in Germany: "Allah akbar" on Church

    I bet there are many remorseful after Merkel's 2015 1 million Arabs door opening.. Shortly after demonstration “against the political right”: Church in Hamm, Germany, smeared with “Allahu Akbar” lettering...
  2. FDR_Reagan

    pAlEsTiNiAn Islamofascists murder another pious Jew who avoid serving in IDF

    At the racist-Arab terror shooting attack on a bus station at the Masmiya junction near Gedera - 02.16.24. Of course they're about "freedom fighting" and pigs fly too. All Arabs know Haredi Jews, overwhelmingly avoid inscription in IDF. ÷÷÷÷÷ Yeshiva student named as first victim of...
  3. Pastelli

    "palestinian" Jihad commander: Hitler's book, Oct 7 blueprint, weapons

    "Perfect" evil. Nazi Arab motivation and means. Found: Hitler's book. Trove of weapons to hit at Israeli civilians. Blueprint, directions for the Oct 7, 2024 Hamas/PIJ atrocities atttack. IDF commando brigade uncovers PIJ tools of terror in northern Gaza. By Jerusalem Post Staff...
  4. FDR_Reagan

    Iraqi outrage at Mullahcracy-Iran after bombing Irbil

    So the Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran wants Iraqi territory too. It is also why it maintains militias thugs there Iraq recalls ambassador, summons Iran’s chargé d’affaires over strikes in Irbil. By Salar Salim And Omar Albam Updated 7:57 PM EST, January 16, 2024...
  5. FDR_Reagan

    Islamist in NJ, inspired by Oct. 7 massacre - ‘devoted to waging violent jihad against America’

    Keep this in mind when you see COVERED MASKED faces at those genocidal "globalize the intifada" beastly riots. = “Nasr was prepared to kill and be killed to support the jihadist cause…” “NJ man Karem Nasr inspired by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack busted allegedly trying to join Islamist terror...
  6. Sayaras

    New islamofascist pro-genocide gang titled "doctors against genocide"

    It reminds me of other titles pro genocidal "palestine" use like "peace." Not one anti-Israel "activist" group has protested Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad human shields methods. = "Doctors Against Genocide" - brand new pro-Hamas, antisemitic Muslim front group. This flyer stunned a lot...
  7. Sayaras

    Intl. VS Islamic Fascist Republic's Houthis

    Any doubts abput Iran's global domination? US officially announces task force to deal with Houthi attacks. The United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain will join the US in the new mission. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/382179
  8. Sayaras

    'Palestinian' Arab child killers hid weapons in incubators

    Tomorow the UN will "have" an "emergency " sesion about it. Or about uts UNRWA Hamas links... right? IDF troops find weapons concealed in incubators at Gaza hospital. Army IDF completes large-scale operation at Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabaliya; firearms, anti-tank missiles, explosive and...
  9. Sayaras

    Oct 7 atrocities: U.N. students, UNRWA & Terror tunnels

    While only some in Europe withold funds for United Nations UNRWA... Hamas used UNRWA and USAID sacks to build tunnels. IMPACT-se identified at least 118 participants in the Oct. 7 Hamas assault as former students of UNRWA schools. Sveta Listratov. (December 15, 2023 / JNS) The discovery of...
  10. Sayaras

    1,300-plus Arab-terror attacks in Judea and Samaria since Oct. 7.

    So next time you hear about an operation in the territories, think what it is for... _ 1,300-plus terror attacks in Judea and Samaria since Oct. 7. Palestinian in the disputed territories have stepped up their efforts to kill Israelis. Palestinians rally in Hebron in support of Hamas...
  11. Sayaras

    Palestinian weapons: UNRWA or hospitals? [Racist Baby killers]

    What do you think is the favorite location by Arab palestinian terrorists to store weapons and/or fire from? THE RACIST MURDERING OF ITS PEOPLE FOR THE SAKE OF DEMONIZING ISRAEL ‘Hamas wants to use people as human shields’, says White House National Security spokesperson. Matt Frei, 13 Oct...
  12. FDR_Reagan

    More pallywood victim card fake-Plastinians (not just Sulaiman_Ahmed)

    The point is that it is not about random cases. But a STRATEGY https://jcpa.org/video/hamas-pallywood-as-a-palestinian-strategy/ Mom I OK, it's just for the cameras This one is typical. Look also how they push kids at soldiers https://campus.zoa.org/video/pallywood-gaza-under-attack-images/...
  13. Pastelli

    Jailed "palestinian" racist-terrorist refused to leave Israel

    What media reported on this? Or is it not PC? Not to mention BBC & MSNBC who report on "palestininian" terrorists as simply '"women and children" without their racist crimes context. But there is also the bloody-Palestinian Authority Pay for slay effect Avishsai Grinzaig @avishaigrinzaig...
  14. Sayaras

    Among the jailed racist Arab rerrorist Palestinians released in exchange of innocent Israelis

    Dozens of racist Arab terrorists will return to the streets of Jerusalem, as 77 terrorists may be released into the streets of Jerusalem. Among the criminals, 10 are associated with Hamas, 11 are with Fatah and a number of terrorists who were convicted of attempted murder. On Friday night, a...
  15. Sayaras

    Out of 230+: 13 innocent Israelis releaed from radical 'Palestinian' regime savages

    The freed 13 Israelis - the complete list Doron Katz Asher, 34 years old. Aviv Katz Asher, two years old. Raz Katz Asher is 4 years old. Daniel Aloni, 44 years old. Amelia Aloni, 5 years old. Karen Munder, 54 years old. Ohad Zachary-Munder, 9 years old. Ruthie Munder, 78 years old...
  16. Sayaras

    Shifa director arrested over Hamas cooperation evidence - Terror "doctors"

    IDF arrests Shifa director over evidence of Hamas cooperation Ariel Oseran November 23, 2023 i24NEWS Middle East correspondent | @ariel_oseran https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel-at-war/1700338322-idf-releases-names-of-six-more-soldiers-who-died-during-fighting-in-the-gaza-strip Good. Now...
  17. Sayaras

    Arab Journalists: Al-Jazeera Is A Mouthpiece Of The Terrorist Organizations

    Arab Journalists: Al-Jazeera Is A Mouthpiece Of The Terrorist Organizations November 22, 2023 Qatar, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 10974 Since Hamas' October 7, 2023 attack in southern Israel, in which some 1,200 Israelis were murdered and about 240 were kidnapped, Qatar's Al-Jazeera...
  18. Pastelli

    Watch as "Palestinian" jihado fascists crawl out of tunnel and captured by the good guys

    Rare documentation: the terrorists come out of the tunnel - and are captured by the IDF The IDF's fighting against Hamas' Shati Battalion continues - and in a nighttime incident that was recorded in real time, armed terrorists are seen emerging from the shaft of a terrorist tunnel, with fighters...
  19. FDR_Reagan

    What/how will the fight against Gaza islamofascist regime (Hamas, PIJ) look like?

    White House warns: Wagner Group plans to provide air defense system to Hezbollah. Israel National News. Nov 22, 2023, 5:41 AM https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/380723 'Threat the PA built in the heart of the country and Greater TA.' Regavim: PA built 18,899 illegal buildings in Area C on...
  20. Pastelli

    "Dk families for palestine" anti-black racist ad against Jeffries

    House Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries condemns DSA after pro-Palestinian org targets him with ‘racist’ watermelon ad Published Nov. 18, 2023 House Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries blasted the Democratic Socialists of America after the group targeted him with mocking ads that included an image...
  21. Sayaras

    US Media: what do you watch (if you do)

    If you do watch broadcasts, on a weekday or on weekends, what is your channel? Or regular digitally news updates?
  22. Sayaras

    Just another racist lying Pallywood - the false "accusation" against an innocent lady

    An Israeli receives threats after false claims that she is the "Gaza nurse" from the viral video. Thread: Israel-Hamas war misinformation - Day 40 Hannah Abutbul, an Israeli influencer, is being falsely doxxed as the woman in the misleading video of a supposed nurse at Al-Shifa hospital...
  23. Sayaras

    INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 BillionThe Daily Fetched

    INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion The Daily Fetched | 14 November 2023 | Jason Walsh The Biden administration faced backlash last month for giving Iran access to their frozen funds, ...
  24. Pastelli

    Does giving land for the Arab "Palestinians" bring "peace?"

    For those that don't know, giving away Gush Katif in 2005.. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/376880 brought about Islamists rise - Hamas Jihado-Fascist regime later on. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2023/10/hamas-covenant-israel-attack-war-genocide/675602/ __...
  25. J

    QUESTION: Why are protestors in NYC upset with Israel?

    Why are protestors in NYC and around the world upset with Israel trying to crush Hamas, who has enslaved Palestinian women? SEE: Women need male guardian to travel, says Hamas court in Gaza Strip From the article: Do all those females, protesting against Israel in NYC, support women being...

    Islam vs. Islamism: Answering a question on the article “Who dares to invite the elephant to the room?”

    I had a nice discussion on the article “Who dares to invite the elephant into the room?” with a smart ambassador from the country of smart people, I liked this question and I will answer it in this article: What is the difference between the ordinary Muslim and the Islamist? Both the ordinary...
  27. Chuz Life

    John Brown poll and discussion

    Very straightforward poll and discussion on a not so simple topic. Before you vote, do some reading on the life and actions of the abolitionist, John Brown. Use multiple sources if you want to be thorough. Start here. Share any other links in your responses...
  28. TheProgressivePatriot

    Coast Guard Officer Gets 13 Years For Terrorist Plot To Establish ‘White Homeland’

    Yes folks. Another case of a white supremacist plotting domestic terrorism. A domestic terrorist that so many on the right want to deny is a threat Wake up people! It is not Islam that we need to fear!! Coast Guard Officer Gets 13 Years For Terrorist Plot To Establish ‘White Homeland’...
  29. The Original Tree

    During Impeachment POTUS Trump takes out another Major Terrorist!

    Obama Disgusted me with his Coddling, even financing and arming of terrorists which showed who he really was. By Contrast, President Trump has become a terrorist killing machine. While Obama built ISIS, Funded Terrorists in Iran, Paid Al Queda to assassinate the heads of state in Egypt and...
  30. ChemEngineer

    Muslim Barbarism

    "A Peaceful Religion" Over 290 million victims of Islam I have been made victorious through terror. -Mohammed (Bukhari 4.52.220) Kill the Mushrigs (pagans) where ever you find them. (Surah 9:5) 120 million Africans, according to Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions, David Livingstone, page...

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