1. P@triot

    The plot to kill Julian Assange

    China hacked the Pentagon and stole our entire nuclear weapons program (technology, capabilities, locations, etc.) in (2007?) and there was no plot to kidnap or assassinate any of them. Just let that sink in. This should cause rage in every last American. The CIA‬⁩ and the ⁦‪NSA‬⁩ are...
  2. Litwin

    America is back, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tells BBC

    " "America is back" and is fully engaged in helping resolve issues including the pandemic, climate change and Iran's nuclear ambitions, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told the BBC. " US Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not even mention Putin and his gang, why ? Does it mean...
  3. The Original Tree

    Russian Collusion Hoax-Ukraine Gossip Game traced back to Obama & Clinton

    President Trump here, gives us a little "heads up" on what might go down with uncovering the plot to Oust our Duly Elected President From Office, and it may lead Straight Back to Obama, Clinton and their Curious and Suspicious Dealings In The Ukraine. I believe that Trump is correct when he...
  4. Litwin

    Where and When this picture was taken ? What does it indicate ?

    Where and When this picture was taken ? What does it indicate ?
  5. The Original Tree

    The Radicalization of Eric Ciaramella

    The more I Read about Eric “The Red” Ciaramella, the more I realize how heavily involved he was in Joe Biden’s life, The Democrat Party, The Dirty Dossier, and was operating as a Spy & Saboteur and was a promoter of disinformation, a leaker of classified information, and like his attorney was...
  6. The Original Tree

    Rod Rosenstein’s Wife & The CIA

    "Everyone should take the time to read this. Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important.” From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity”. Yet, from 2001 to...
  7. Litwin

    UK bans new arms sales to Turkey amid war crimes claims

    war crimes on order of putin/trump/erdogan
  8. deanrd

    Great American, Joseph Wilson, dies at age 69. Wilson exposed bush’s yellowcake lie.

    Defiant diplomat Joseph Wilson, who sparred with Bush admin over Iraq, dies at 69 Wilson’s confrontation with the White House was set in motion in 2002 when the CIA asked him to fly to Niger and confirm reports the country had, in the 1990s, sold uranium yellowcakes to Saddam Hussein so he...
  9. deanrd

    CIA secretly extracted US spy from Russia before Trump could turn him over to Vladimir Putin.

    CIA secretly extracted US spy from Russia before Trump could turn him over to Vladimir Putin. US extracted top spy from inside Russia in 2017 A person directly involved in the discussions said that the removal of the Russian was driven, in part, by concerns that President Donald Trump and his...
  10. Litwin

    Italy Arrests russian Executive in U.S. Spying Case. which side will take trump this time?

    putler´s spies attack USA state from different sides over and over again , which side will take trump this time? 1) CIA/FBI 2) KGB/Ozero/russian mafia " An executive with Russia’s state engine maker has been arrested in Italy at the request of the U.S., which suspects him of economic...
  11. Litwin

    "Russian" police got scared of American (protests in putlerstan)

    then some say that sanctions dont work , )) they work
  12. deanrd

    Are Republicans setting us up for a Sri Lanka type attack here?

    Are Republicans setting us up for a Sri Lanka type attack here? Hundreds of people killed and 500 people injured. Coordinated attacks. The intelligence community not having even a clue that this is going to happen. The republican president trusts despot and murderer Vladimir Putin over...
  13. deanrd

    The FBI and the CIA, or Trump’s gut. Which do you trust more?

    The FBI and the CIA, or Trump’s gut. Which do you trust more? We all heard Trump say our US intelligence agencies need to go back to school. We’ve all heard Trump say that time will prove him right over the intelligence agencies. And we’ve all heard Trump say that he relies on his gut...
  14. Litwin

    World without "Russia". CIA angers "Russia" by predicting break-up of state within 10 years

    How ´d look like our world (Euro - Asia) with Mongolian project (Muscovy) around? how many states it will create , which of them have good chances to become part of western civilization ? "World without "Russia". CIA angers "Russia" by predicting break-up of state within 10 years" CIA...
  15. Litwin

    Tensions rise as US threatens to 'take out' "Russian" missiles

    finally, USA decides to stand up against Nigeria in snow, is Trump capable to give such order ? Tensions rise as US threatens to 'take out' Russian missiles
  16. S

    16 Ways to Crush the Donald

    I'm not a big fan of most of Trump's policies, but there is not much doubt in my mind that forces (mostly unelected) in DC have been working to bring him down for a long time. I think we have to try to put passions and politics aside and think critically about how letting the unelected bring...
  17. justinacolmena

    The criminal deep state vs. Donald Trump

    Deep State Freaks Out After Trump Slams “Criminal Deep State” Trump hammers 'Criminal Deep State' over FBI informant Opinion | I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit. We know about the criminal Deep State. With overtones of the "Deep South," the Deep State is in one...
  18. Litwin

    Putin's Foreign Policy: Nuclear Blackmail Of The USA - West

    Does USA buy Putler´s BS? or everyone sees that he is buffing ? whats about Trump? " You didn’t listen to our country then... Listen to us now.” Vladimir Putin, announcing that Russia has developed and is testing a new line of strategic nuclear-capable weapons Looking to bolster his image...
  19. Litwin

    BBC: "Russia" 'arming the Afghan Taliban', says US

    Let me guess the red clown and his fans will say that they don't trust to CIA, but they trust to ex - KGB agent Vova instead , right? "Russia is supporting and even supplying arms to the Taliban, the head of US forces in Afghanistan has told the BBC. In an exclusive interview, Gen John...
  20. Ridgerunner

    Arrest warrants for proposed new CIA Director?

    Apparently FRoG prosecutors are contemplating drawing up papers on POTUS's pick for the CIA... I knew this European Union bs was going to be a problem... Prosecutors Reviewing Request to Issue Arrest Warrant for Trump’s New CIA Director
  21. Litwin

    US issues 'Putin list' of 210 top " Russians " but avoids more sanctions

    where is gonna hide Punia´s friends stolen money new? and what they are gonna to their mob leader , ´cos he can not protect their interests anymore ? "The US has published a list of 114 Russian politicians and 96 oligarchs, some close to the president, as part of a sanctions law aimed at...
  22. Litwin

    "Russia" 'will target US mid-term elections' says CIA chief

    Will Muscovite hybrid war machine succeed once again ? or this time, Trump administration will stop Putin and his fancy bears ? "The director of the CIA expects that Russia will target the US mid-term elections later this year. Mike Pompeo told the BBC there had been no significant...
  23. Litwin

    Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about "Russia"'s interference in US-elections

    the western technologies broke Finally Cozy Bear neck. Will the reality star agree publicly that His friend Punia did it or not? " Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about Russia's interference in US-elections Hackers from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD have provided the FBI with...
  24. Litwin

    Inside the KGB Terror of the Soviet Union/was it any significant investigation of KGB crimes in the

    was it any significant investigation of KGB crimes in the USA after collapse of the USSR ?
  25. Litwin

    PUTIN´S USEFUL IDIOT STAKES AGAIN: President Trump might be on to something with "Russia"

    What has Putler on Trump? for me, its can not be nothing else by the piss video? any other ideas? "Russian" President Vladimir Putin called President Trump Sunday to thank him for helping prevent a terror attack in "Russia", according to the Kremlin. " President Trump might be on to...

    "Russia can swing elections for the price of a can of soda"

    I heard this one on Hannity and on Tucker Carlson. Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign That Russia 'Stole' the election or that intelligence agencies are concerted that the election was hacked and stolen by Russians for the price of a can of soda looks more like...
  27. Litwin

    The most famous Putin´s Crime in UK/Poisoned by Polonium 210: The Litvinenko murder

    When Litvinenko´s killers will be arrested in Moscow? " When a Russian dissident was poisoned in London with a highly radioactive substance, the UK government accused the Kremlin of his murder. Alexander Litvinenko had been a colonel in the Russian security services, but claimed the Putin...
  28. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Uri Geller: Remote Viewer for the CIA?

    I stumbled across this amazing channel that goes in depth into everything from the pyramids to Tesla (the scientist) to the CIA to aliens, etc. I love these kinds of channels. Anyway, the above video talks about 13 million CIA documents that were released in early 2017. One of the things the...
  29. AsianTrumpSupporter

    What do you think will be the biggest bombshell in the classified JFK assassination files?

    In light of the remaining 3,000 or so classified documents on JFK's assassination being released soon, what do you think will be the biggest bombshell in those files?
  30. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Remainder of classified JFK assassination files scheduled to be released later this month

    The Release of JFK Assassination Files Later This Month Has Conspiracy Theorists On the Edge of Their Seats | History | Smithsonian It’s 2017, and conspiracy theorists around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of thousands of never seen before government documents related to...

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