1. OKTexas

    Durham Investigation Expands In Resources, Scope And Timeline

    The Durham investigation is getting more resources to expand his investigation up to the appointment of Robert Mueller. Durham is a no nonsense prosecutor that wouldn't ask for additional resources if there was no there, there. Read more at the link. Durham investigation into origins of 2016...
  2. MisterBeale

    "The Global Capitalist Ruling Classes are About to Teach the World a Lesson""

    So I just read a piece on an independent media blog. If it should come to pass, it really should make the next two years on this forum SO unbelievably boring, dull, and, quite frankly, monotonous. Everything is about to be staged. Nothing is going to be real. They don't intend to actually...

    "Russia can swing elections for the price of a can of soda"

    I heard this one on Hannity and on Tucker Carlson. Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign That Russia 'Stole' the election or that intelligence agencies are concerted that the election was hacked and stolen by Russians for the price of a can of soda looks more like...
  4. OKTexas

    The One Question No One So Far Can Answer

    I've posed this hypothetical question to a couple of members and so far no one seems up to the task of providing an answer. So now I'm posing it the whole board. Ok, here's a hypothetical scenario. Let's say a Trump associate spoke to a Russian representative. The Russian told him we have some...

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