Ruling Class tolerance of lower class violence.....


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Jul 19, 2014
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As I point out on various threads, democrats don't really care about minorities killing each other....if they did they would focus on that, rather than on focus on the things you care about....they don't deal with the killing fields in inner cities because they don't care about minorities killing each long as minorities turn out on election day and vote rich, white democrats power....that's enough for them....

If they cared about the deaths of innocent, law abiding minorities they would tackle actual crime in inner cities.....not innocent, law abiding citizens who own and carry guns but who don't commit crime...notice where there focus is.......

This article discusses an authors deep look into the crime problem ignored by the rich, white, democrat power structure of too many large cities (my phrase)....

Articles Why Don t Liberals Care About Black-on-Black Killing

The good thing about a book like Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America is that it's real reportage about murder in the African American ghetto; it's not just narrative from the usual social justice warriors.

And when author Jill Leovy gets to talk about her book on NPR's Fresh Air in “'Ghettoside' Explores Why Murder is Invisible in Los Angeles” we get to see what is really going on, despite the author's knee-jerk liberalism.

Each murder, routine as it is, devastates a family, but the cops only arrest a suspect in about 40 percent of the murders. To add insult to injury, the cops compensate by harassing young men on the street with arrests for minor infractions.

Of course, everybody knows “who dunnit” because the perpetrators typically come around to the victim's home and taunt the grieving family.
Why would they do that? Because the gang-bangers need to intimidate potential witnesses. Thus, everybody knows who did it, but nobody is willing to testify. Here's the scoop, buried in the middle of the Fresh Air interview:
[Leovy:] I spoke to a mother, once, in South Bureau - black woman - her son had just been murdered. I think this was maybe a couple of days after the murder. I had gone to her door. And it was one of these cases where the police just had no witnesses. The case wasn't going anywhere. The mother told me that since the murder, the killers, who she knew, who were, I think, the gang members who lived on her street, had been knocking on her door and taunting her and laughing at her - her grief.
What is the African American response to this? It is “Snitches get stitches.” And what is the liberal response to this? It is to blame the police for police brutality. You couldn't invent a better way to keep the killing going.
End of song, beginning of story.

This ruling-class tolerance for lower-class violence is not new. We've had urban gangs in America at least since the Irish gangs of the mid 19th century. We've had Jewish gangs and Bugsy Siegel running Las Vegas. We've had the Italians and the Mafia. We've had the black Crips and Bloods for a while and now we've got Hispanic gangs.
And then there are unions. The point of a labor union is intimidation, and not just intimidation of employers. The whole point of the strike and the picket is to intimidate workers eager for a job from hiring on at picketed employers. And liberals are fine with that.

And now the truth.......

We all accept urban violence as endemic, not epidemic. But let's do a thought experiment. Imagine what would happen if, say, the NRA and the Tea Party started killing each other in a suburban turf war.
I will tell you what would happen. Number one, white suburbanites would insist that their mayors and city councils stopped the violence yesterday, or say good-bye to elective office. Number two, the liberal media would run wall-to-wall coverage about violence in the very DNA of America.

But with black-on-black violence, the media say nothing (except for Jill Leovy), the liberals do nothing, and inner-city residents reelect their race-baiting minority politicians.
You'd think that the liberal ruling class would put a stop to gangs setting up proto-states in our cities, and Islamists setting up no-go zones in Texas.
But liberals don't care about blacks killing each other, or workers intimidating each other. What they care about are threats to their ruling class power. The NRA is a threat to their power. The Tea Party is a threat to their power. College dropout Scott Walker is a threat to their power. So they must be destroyed, as in racism, sexism, hate speech.
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