Micro stamping...more useless tech meant to grab guns..it doesn't solve crime...it grabs guns...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yes...gun grabbers never stop, the never give up, and there is no "common sense" gun control measure that will ever be enough......banning is the end game...and everything else is simply baby steps in that direction...never, ever trust a gun grabber....

Now they are going to use the myth of "micro stamping" shell casings as a means of back door gun banning.....and the thing is....it will not stop one gun crime and it will not solve one gun crime...but it will give them the ability to ban any gun that won't micro stamp....

Gun grabbing at it's finest.........

Crime Deterrence and Solutions The Micro Stamping Lie - The Truth About Guns

In years of police work, when I specialized in the burglaries of motor vehicles, I did not solve a single case via fingerprint identification (I solved hundreds otherwise). In nearly two decades of police work, I did not solve a single case via cartridge cases left at the scene, nor did such evidence ever play a meaningful role in solving a case, nor was I ever aware of such a case. Microstamping would have made no difference at all.
The simple truth of police work is that virtually all crimes are solved the old fashioned way: by cops talking to people. Only after they develop suspects the old fashioned way is physical evidence of any kind usually useful in helping to tie those suspects to crimes, and in many cases, that’s just not possible. Anyone suggesting that microstamping can be a valuable crime-solving tool is either woefully uninformed about actual police work, lying, or both.
The California law, like virtually all others, applies only to semiautomatic handguns, not rifles, shotguns or revolvers. Even if it applied to every other firearm type, it would still be ridiculously easy for criminals to defeat. The easiest method: leave no expended cases behind. Criminals can add brass catchers to their weapons–one can be made with duct tape and a plastic bag–or simply spend a few seconds picking up their brass.
Other methods are only slightly more difficult and time-consuming. Criminals can use non-microstamped firearms, which is most firearms in America. Microstamped engraving–done by laser–can be removed from a firing pin with only a few minute’s application of sandpaper or other abrasives, or a non-engraved firing pin can be substituted. If a criminal were particularly bright, he could use a non-engraved pin when committing crimes, and replace the engraved pin thereafter. “You want to examine my gun? Of course, officer! Go right ahead.”
So.....another piece of gun grabbing technology, that won't stop one gun crime, and won't solve one gun crime......but it will get rid of any gun that can't micro stamp....for law abiding citizens....the criminals will still use whatever they want or need....since they won't obey the law......

But stopping crime isn't the reason for micro stamping....banning guns is.......

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