Ron Paul Against NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA and All Free Trade Agreements

He says he is for free trade and these agreements don't provide free trade. He says they bastardize the system for the elites. I fully support withdrawal from the WTO. This is an antiAmerican organization that sanctions the US, but allows China to do whatever they want. I am against NAFTA. We turned a trade surplus with Mexico into the 2nd largest trade deficit in world history. I do like CAFTA though. And we don't have FTA with China, rather they took over our consumer goods manufacturing sector when Clinton tore down the trade barriers with them. No protections against China seems like a losing proposition.

Question is why is Paul the only candidate (including Obama) to see at least the WTO and NAFTA as bad deals from for the US?

And is he right in his opposition to NAFTA, WTO and all FTAs?

Ron Paul on Free Trade
Free trade agreements threaten national sovereignty
I opposed both the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization, both of which were heavily favored by the political establishment. Many supporters of the free trade market supported these agreements. Nearly six decades ago when the International Trade Organization was up for debate, conservatives and libertarians agreed that supranational trade bureaucracies with the power to infringe upon American sovereignty were undesirable.

Yes, he's absolutely right to oppose these Managed Trade Agreements. We need real free trade, not this nonsense.

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