Reminder: swastika-palestine arose right after genocidal-Arab "palestinian" Oct/7 atrocities


Germany, Mannheim
The German-Israeli Society office was defaced with swastikas and “Free Palestine.”


Belgium, Fleron
The home of Belgian Holocaust survivors was vandalized with “Gaza Free” and a swastika.


Konstanz, Germany
Two Nazi slogans and a pro-Palestinian slogan were spray-paintedon a wall at the University of Konstanz


Melbourne, Australia
Hundreds of Jewish Australian artists and their families doxxed by high-profile pro-Palestinian activists


Geneva, Switzerland
“Exterminate the Jews” and “Death to Zionists” graffiti were found in Geneva after a pro-Palestinian rally.


Middleburg, Netherlands
A swastika was painted on the entrance of a 400 year-old synagogue.

London, UK
Multiple antisemitic signs were carried at a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Bristol, UK
“Kill Jews. Free Palestine” graffiti was etched into the door of a toilet in IKEA.


Pescantina, Italy
A memorial to Holocaust deportees was vandalized with Nazi flags and a flyer that said, “Israel, you have learned nothing from the Shoah, signed the 10,000 murdered children of Gaza. You are worse than the Nazis.”


Vienna, Austria
"Jew should die” and a swastika were written on flyers of kidnapped Israelis.


Berlin, Germany
Posters advertising a commemoration ceremony for Kristallnacht, the 1938 Nazi pogrom, were torn down by men, who shouted “Free Palestine.”


Haarlem, Netherlands
Stickers with “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas” and “Hamas, Hamas, Zionists to the Gas” were stuck on walls.


London, UK
“Gaza” was painted on the entrance to a Holocaust research center.


Vienna, Austria
Graffiti reading: “From the river to the sea” and “Free Gaza From German and Austrian guilt" was painted on university walls.


Bilon, Germany
A Holocaust memorial plaque was spray-painted with green paint.

The Hague, Netherlands
Palestinian flag stickers were pasted on to a Holocaust memorial.


Tann, Germany
A memorial stone, marking the location of a synagogue destroyed during the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom, was splashed with red paint.


Hamburg, Germany

At an anti-Israel demonstration, a teenager of reported Arab origin was filmed shouting, “I want Adolf Hitler back, that’s my opinion. I’m for Hitler, for gassing the Jews.”


Glasgow, Scotland
A Pro-Palestinian protester told Jews on the street, “Don’t forget where you went in 1940. Ha! Don’t forget where the Jews went in 1940.”


Sydney, Australia
“Gas the Jews” was shouted during a pro-Palestinian protest outside the Sydney Opera House.
Hen Mazzig
The biggest accounts “for Palestine” on X: Jake Shields, Suleiman Ahmed, and Lucas Gage met at an event that was due to be attended by the grand wizard of the KKK.

But tell me more about how anti-Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with antisemitism.
June 16, 2024.

Mayor Adams slams pro-Palestinian protesters for rhetoric
By Victoria Manna | Manhattan
Published 9:48 PM ET Jun. 11, 2024.


The Nova Music Festival Exhibition commemorates lives lost at the festival on Oct. 7. Spectrum News NY1.

On Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams visited an exhibit in remembrance of those who were killed at the Nova Music Festival, where he spoke out against rhetoric used by some demonstrators.

“Protesters wave Hezbollah, Hamas flags and other protests. They carry banners reading, ‘Long live October 7.’ And one person even yelled he wishes, I quote, ‘Hitler was still here. He would have wiped all of you out,’” Adams said.

According to city officials, there have been nearly 1,300 protests related to the Israel-Hamas war since Oct. 8, and nearly 2,900 people have been arrested at those demonstrations.
The protests began at Union Square before heading to the exhibit.

Demonstrations were organized by “Within Our Lifetime,” a Palestinian community-based organization.
.. Nerdeen Kiswani
, the chair of the organization...
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Welcome to Joey Xiden’s america

This is what happens when you elect demafacist
You cannot miss the swastika on the house of the despicable Nazi in Bethlehem.

In images
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Awesome Jew @Jewsarethegoat:
⚠️ 'Radi Ahmad' is flying a Nazi swastika flag at his tire shop in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Islamic Jew hater says, he's Palestinian and he's voicing the opinion for his people.

Jun 6, 2024

Uri Pilichowski
My Twenty Minute Conversation with a Swastika Flying Palestinian

Over the past few months, the world has been subjected to horrible imagery displayed in anti-Israel demonstrations. From the streets of London to the common grounds of Harvard, Palestinians and their advocates have screamed “Kill the Jews,"… Show more
11:46 AM · Jun 13, 2024

Matthew Feinberg @thewebbie:
Let's blast the whole darn Florida to have this Nazi Swastika flag flying on a busy highway in Jacksonville, Florida removed! Send an email to government and building department officials. This needs to come down NOW! [] []
Jun 6, 2024
ADL New York / New Jersey
We are appalled by reports of a large swastika found in a bathroom at @BaruchCollege and are hopeful that the university will act swiftly to condemn this and to fully investigate it. [Large Swastika Found in New York’s Baruch College Bathroom]
Large Swastika Found in New York’s Baruch College Bathroom
"Last week he entered the lobby of his school and there was a Palestinian flag hanging from the balcony above. The security had to wait for NYPD to come in to protect them and only then removed it."
Nov 29, 2023
The following are just from Oct 2023.

Fury as Palestinian protester waves a SWASTIKA at anti-Israel rally in New York City's Times Square as thousands of demonstrators take to the streets across the US - while rockets and gunfire flies in the Middle East.

18:14 BST 08 Oct 2023, updated 04:13 BST 11 Oct 2023.
By Laura Parnaby and Claudia Aoraha For Dailymail.Com
The group in Manhattan's Midtown chanted 'free Palestine ' while others in the Israeli kettle yelled back: 'How can you support this! F***ing murderers!'
Yesterday, Gov. Kathy Hochul described the rally as abhorrent after Hamas militants invaded Israel and slaughtered hundreds of citizens.

After Hamas attack, swastikas surface in US cities. Swastikas in NYC and Irvine; anti-Semitic trolls upend meetings: This week in extremism. Will Carless, USA TODAY, Oct. 13, 2023

Online hate has surged in the days since Hamas launched brutal terrorist attacks against Israel, and social media companies are once again under fire for failing to quell the chaos. Meanwhile, swastikas are on display in New York and California, and hate speech invades Bay Area city council meetings.

It’s the week in extremism.

Smoke plumes billow during Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on October 12, 2023 as raging battles between Israel and the Hamas movement continue for the sixth consecutive day. Thousands of people, both Israeli and Palestinians have died since October 7, 2023, after Palestinian Hamas militants based in the Gaza Strip, entered southern Israel in a surprise attack leading Israel to declare war on Hamas in Gaza on October 8.

Hate speech surging online..

Iconic Jewish NYC deli vandalized with swastika after pro-Israel social media posts.
By Jared Downing and Alyssa Guzman
Published Oct. 17, 2023, 7:03 p.m. ET

Swastikas, Nazi slogan found graffitied on Jewish students' doors at American University dorm.
University President Sylvia Matthew Burwell said the graffiti was "unacceptable" and campus police were conducting a thorough investigation.
Author: Jordan Fischer, October 21, 2023.

The New Swastika | Ziona Greenwald | Oct 23, 2023.

Comparisons to the Holocaust have always been verboten. To even suggest a parallel or a portent in modern manifestations of antisemitism would reflexively draw immediate censure across the board. And indeed, despite the ugly rhetoric and sporadic but increasing attacks against Jews in the US, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe, nothing has approached the heinousness or the magnitude of what Hitler’s regime inflicted on our people.

Until now.

Activists in the Black Lives Matter movement and their intersectional allies, including the brainwashed hordes on college campuses following the script furnished them by Students for Justice in Palestine, have adopted the black silhouette of a parachutist as a symbol of their solidarity with “Palestine.” The image iconicizes the murderous rampage by Hamas terrorists who descended from the sky upon hundreds of young Israelis attending a music festival in a field in southern Israel. It is a symbol of jihad, plain and simple.

Before our soldiers had even arrived at their bases in response to the national call-up, before Israel had mounted a military response to the invasion – and while the country, huddled in bomb shelters, began to digest the carnage and account for all the casualties and the missing, including those taken hostage into Gaza – thousands across America and the world took to the streets to rally in support of Hamas, celebrating the butchering of Jewish babies and elderly

October 7th’s well-planned and well-funded attacks marked in Jewish blood the worst atrocity against our people since the Holocaust. Comparisons to Nazism are not merely acceptable – they are imperative.

For those paying attention, the Palestinian agenda has never been a secret. Until now, Western supporters have either been misled by the propaganda or knowingly complicit but content to couch their support for terror – and hatred for Israel – in political, diplomatic, or “humanitarian” terms.

Now anyone who actually doubted what was meant by “Free Palestine” or “From the river to the sea” can claim ignorance no more. “We are calling for full liberation of all of Palestine.” “When people are occupied, resistance is justified.” “Globalize the intifada.”

Read the placards. See the swastikas. Listen to the chants. Watch the Palestinian flags used to attack Israel supporters. In Manhattan. Bay Ridge. San Diego. Atlanta. Chicago. Minneapolis. St. Louis. Houston. Dallas. Dearborn. Harvard. UCLA. U. Michigan. Queens College. Brooklyn College. Columbia. And on and on. Red cities, blue cities. Thousands shouting, glorifying the most barbaric attacks in Israel’s history. Out for more blood.

There’s more behind this naked pro-terrorism than successful propaganda. As documented in a new report by George Washington University entitled “The Hamas Network in America,” Hamas, working with the Muslim Brotherhood, began infiltrating the US in the 1980s, inserting their jihadist agenda into American Muslim communities, the US education system and academia and, of course, the halls of power in Washington and local governments, sowing a scrupulously shrouded radicalism which is now coming out from the shadows.

Reading the report is as chilling as watching videos of the protests-cum-riots filling the streets. It details the Hamas network’s plan for infiltration, including creating charitable-sounding front organizations, capturing the curriculum in Islamic children’s schools, propagandizing and fundraising, and “the development of a carefully crafted media strategy, defending Hamas without giving the impression of supporting violence.” “I swear by Allah that war is deception,” one of the senior leaders is overheard saying at a meeting wiretapped by the FBI.

The movement’s efforts have paid off. The sleeper cells are wide awake.

Can the same be said of the American people? Or even of American Jewry?
There are at least 2 of you paid posters spouting this shit.Have a word with your boss and get one of you reassigned... Its dragging the board down.
Hitler had 'obvious reasons' for the Holocaust says Palestinian official.


Germany's Welt: “Free Palestine is the new Heil Hitler”
Germany's Welt: “Free Palestine is the new Heil Hitler”. Image. 7:32 PM · Dec 12, 2023. ·. 28.1K. Views. 29. Reposts


Ari Kohen:
“I wish H*tler was still here, he would've wiped you all out,” man tells Jews in Union Square during “Day of Rage” protests. Embedded video


Neria Kraus
Pro Palestinians occupying London. “Hitler knew how to deal with these people”, one protester says about the Jews.

Jon Levine:
The George Washington of the "Palestinian" movement was the Nazi collaborator Amin al-Husseini — who actively discussed with Hitler ways to..

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo:
During WWII they supported Nazi Germany and organised mass protests and pogroms against Jews in Palestine. Their goal was to eradicate Jews from

Jeff Jacoby
Oh, we know what the Palestinian Arabs did during the Holocaust. They supported it. Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini flew to Berlin ...

Drew Pavlou:
Palestinian national leader Amin al-Husseini knew about Nazi concentration camps yet personally blocked the escape of thousands of European..
How about what really matters to Pro Palestinian generation Z? What was the public opinion of Arabs in Palestine towards Nazi Germany?

How about what really matters to Pro Palestinian generation Z? What was the public opinion of Arabs in Palestine towards Nazi Germany? Let's see:

1936-9, Hilda Wilson, a teacher at Birzeit university throughout the revolt, noted that most of her students were pro-Nazi and approved of Hitler.

Segev, T. (2001). One Palestine… United Kingdom: Picador. p. 412.
100 or so Arabs, including from Palestine, represented in Nuremberg
Arabs and Nazi officials at ‘Palestine’ ball in Berlin. Hatzofeh, Aug. 3, 1938, 2. (In Heb.).
“Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler were prominently displayed in store windows. Booklets explaining Nazi methods of forcing Jews from the Reich were distributed freely… The shout of ‘Heil Hitler’ became a catchword which rang insolently over all Palestine.”

Journalist John Gunther in 1939: “The greatest contemporary Arab hero is — Adolf Hitler.”
Ahmad Shukairy's testimony in his (1969) book that they (all) sympathized with the Nazis referring to (1940-1).

Kedourie, E. (1964). Arabic Political Memoirs and Other Studies. Cass books on the Middle East, Psychology Press, pp. 189-190.

Sakakini’s Feb. 1941 poll – 88% of Arab-Palestine favoring the Axis.

Morris, B. (2008). 1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War, p. 21.

1942, reaction of most Arabs in Palestine upon hearing the fate of the Jews in Europe, was: ‘open joy.’

1. Cohen, M. J. (2014). “The Arabs and Nazi Germany,’ in ‘Britain’s Moment in Palestine: Retrospect and Perspectives,’ 1917-1948.’ United Kingdom: Taylor & Francis.

2. Herf, J. (2009). ‘Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World,’ p.139.

Dec 21, 1942 letter, representatives of the Reich and the NSDAP in Palestine described the Arabs' hope for a great Arab state:

"Arabs in Palestine were waiting for Hitler to come to Palestine and expel all the Jews. They hoped for a German intervention to solve their conflict with consideration of their needs. Rommel was their legendary hero."


CIA August 1942 report: “majority of the Arabs in Palestine Palestinian Arabs are fiercely ‘anti-Jewish’… the radicals, who form a majority, see in the approach of Rommel an ideal opportunity to murder all Jews their seize their property.”

Herf, J. (2009). ‘Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World,’ p.139.

Enough public opinion, no? CIA, German, Arab, teachers, Journalist (real journalists), next.
4:24 PM · Jan 5, 2024

The Jerusalem Post
New film “A Century and Six Years,” revolves around Sheikh Hareth, a grandson of Islamist leader Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, who meets a grandson..
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What do you think about the Ukrainian president who is Jewish giving a standing ovation to an SS member from the World War II era at the Canadian Parliament?

Posting these random obscure pictures of left-wing protesters, where some of the pictures can’t even be verified.

Yet a president of a country in entire country has openly supported Nazis like literal Nazis from the World War II era.

Some Jews would say that your rhetoric is a form of holocaust denial. About 10,000 Muslims fought with the pro German elements in World War II …over 1 million Muslims fought with the British Indian army and other allies in World War II. Your rhetoric is also absurd if one just takes a brief time to study World War II.

Have you ever actually discussed the swastikas and other open Nazi symbols in the Ukrainian military today. Or is that against what the Israeli lobby wants their supporters to say?

The Ukraine military An actual military with tanks, high-powered drones, and a Air Force that is powerful enough to fight the Russian army, where the Palestinians don’t have anything like that they have AK-47, a few glorified rockets, and stones.
European Jewish Congress:
Germany, 2023. In Hamburg, pro-Palestinian [ARAB] protesters were filmed shouting to the camera: "I wish Adolf Hitler was back, this is my opinion..
Yair Altman:

You may have come across this picture, the source is me. It was photographed by a comrade in arms on February 18, as part of a medical company in which we were also required to treat captured Hamas terrorists

FranklinRoosevelt_FTW said:
What do you think about the Ukrainian president who is Jewish giving a standing ovation to ...

Off topic Russia/Ukraine. But I will reply:

Ukrainians are Christians.

Their president doesn't represent the Hebrew nation nor is he a "Jewish personality" asides from being personally, ethnically an INDIVIDUAL one.
And still, I haven't seen him supporting nazism.

Whereas the non-random Palestine Arab leadership then Al-Husseini, Shukeiri, and now.. Abbas... or polls in WIDER Arab palestine population...

And about weapons?

Saw how they managed with low class weapons in just 5 hours on Oct 7?
Can you imagine what would have happened without Iron Dome God forbid?

How many FAMILIES would be murdered via 11,000 rockets (per Jan/2024) from the genocidal side?

But most of all you "forgot" palestinian most powerful weapons:
Human shields.
That works only against an adversary who cares about civilians even on the enemy side.

Why do you think it takes so many months for the IDF in its Op.
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IDF troops find 'Mein Kampf' copy in Nuseirat, Gaza Strip - report.
By Jerusalem Post Staff,
Jun 19, 2024.

"A picture sent to me just today by soldiers from the Nusirat refugee camp in central Gaza.
"Yes, from the area where the Israeli hostages who were rescued in a daring operation a week and a half ago were held," Haddad’s post read.
Haddad added, “Hitler's manifesto "Mein Kampf" in a local house...This is the kind of "leader" the Palestinians adore, this is how they become the successors of the Nazis, and this is how the "uninvolved" can hold hostages and be complicit in the terrorism of Hamas!"
IDF troops find 'Mein Kampf' copy in Nuseirat, Gaza Strip - report

Aviva Klompas @AvivaKlompas:
IDF soldiers found (yet another) copy of Mein Kampf in a Gaza home.

The terrorists don't see the irony in idolizing Hitler for the Holocaust while denying the Holocaust ever took place.

June 22, 2024.

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