Remember when the left made ivermectin political and not about health? Then the left as we all already knew, were totally wrong? Remember that?

Realize here that big pharma has set past record $$$$ lawsuits, are now on the cusp of breaking all prior records

the FDA and CDC gub'mit org's running interference are backpedaling , recanting , Tedras and the WHO are loosing all credibility ,while tyring to recreate a better boogyman, while Fauci is heavily guarded after his congressional 'can't remember' shtick......

And you are the guy just ignorant enough to believe that Ivermectin is just a horse dewormer and that Trump suggested that you should inject bleach. You are the perfect Democrat.
Who said that? It has some anti-parasitical benefit, yes, but not for Covid.
I wonder if AHZ is a hyper hypo.
and yet again a C19 thread in infiltrated by sorts that turn logic and facts to conspiracy and folly

imagine that happening to an issue !


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