Remember when the left made ivermectin political and not about health? Then the left as we all already knew, were totally wrong? Remember that?

Who said that? It has some anti-parasitical benefit, yes, but not for Covid.

You and other lemmings said that.

I guess you are unaware of the many medicines that were developed to treat certain diseases and ailments that have later been found affective in treating seemingly un-related ailments.

For example, currently, sodium nitrate is being evaluated to treat chronic leg ulcers associated with blood disorders. It can also be used to cure meat and be used as an anecdote for cyanide poisoning.

The problem with Ivermectin is that it a) became political and b) there was far too much money to be lost by big Pharma if Ivermectin was proven effective. These two factors prevent large, unbiased studies from taking place. Can you imagine the crow that much of the science community and the Democrats would have to eat if it was proven effective? It would also be admitting that Trump was correct all along and that many lives could have been saved if they hadn’t stopped its distribution for COVID. Yeah, they aren’t going to do that anytime soon. Newsflash, the scientific community is biased and they are largely liberal.
Ivermectin efficacy finally proven in ‘gold-standard’ RCT – Prof Colleen Aldous
23rd January 2023 by Editor BizNews
Ivermectin and its use as a treatment for COVID-19 was catapulted to centre stage when the pandemic erased all rhyme and reason in 2020. However, even as the totality of evidence demonstrated Ivermectin’s efficacy, mainstream media and governments across the world dismissed its use based on the absence of randomised control trials. Further to that, virtually anything related to Ivermectin that made mainstream media was negative coverage of a drug that could’ve saved countless lives. Now, at last, a large randomised control study on Ivermectin efficacy for preventing and treating COVID-19 has been released, as discussed in this article by Professor Colleen Aldous, one of the drug’s fiercest advocates. Aldous, a geneticist and clinical researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, raises some critical questions that we ignore at our peril. – Nadya Swart

Well that's weird. I mean Joe Rogan was railroaded for having the unmitigated gall to tell his audience that he was taking ivermectin

Then he confronted cnns so called doctor. Gupta for allowing cnn to pass along flat out known lies when Gupta knew damn well it wasn't just a "horse dewormer."

The left can and will rot in eternal hell.

Reading The Real Anthony Fauci. Fauci is like a movie supervillain. I wouldn't have believed it was possible except that we all witnessed it happening live. For decades, going back to AIDS, he has prioritized money over the public good, and in fact is now primarily responsible for millions of deaths worldwide that could have been prevented with early treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ. These highly effective treatments were pilloried by a coordinated smear campaign and edicts that prevented them from being prescribed. He truly deserved the death penalty. So do a lot of other people.
Personally, I prefer Herd Immunity while injecting bleach
To nay sayers like you. The Truth is out there ...

See: Send This Article to People Who Say “Ivermectin Doesn’t Work for Covid-19” ⋆ Brownstone Institute


No, the overwhelming medical community says ivermectin has no effect on Covid. Get your bleach and UV lights, too.

I did, and I'm healthy. Meanwhile I'm attending a funeral of a woman who was a multi-booster and died of turbo cancer. From dx to death: six weeks. You almost never hear of that anymore....except now, you do.

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