Remember That Poor Little White Girl who got Her head pounded Into the Sidewalk?

They proved that no one wanted to argue this case in front of an actual jury, because they'd lose.

Well, if this was the quality of witnesses that McCulloch put on the stand, you have to wonder about "Witness 140" who was clearly not someone interviewed the day of the incident.
They prove nothing and a grand jury is an actual jury MORON
No, a jury is when both sides are allowed to present evidence The problem here was the prosecutor acted like a defense attorney instead of a prosecutor
he acted like a prosecutor you simply dislike the truth and the outcome
No, a prosecutor would have asked about his inconsistencies and lies.

He would not have let him make a self-serving statement that basically boiled down to, "I caught the accused, doing whatever he's accused of, red-handed!"

The evidence proved no such lies

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