Reflecting on the Lincoln Era

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Apr 25, 2004
Lincoln's Birthday Beacon
By Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
February 12, 2007

Abraham Lincoln understood that the crisis he had faced, and still faced, was too great for smallness on his part, or his country's. He would look beyond mere victory and defeat, beyond grief and vengeance, toward understanding, forgiveness, healing, hope. And a new birth of freedom. Toward not just a renewed but an ever-new Union.

What a strange picture of this same Union now is set before the world: not just a great power but the world's only superpower; an impersonal place in which no one really cares for another; a society driven only by material ambition; a nation so self-righteous in conflict, so proud and unreflecting, so uncharitable and unfeeling that its malice is almost unpremeditated.

That is not the America of Mr. Lincoln, and it is not the real America behind the caricature so often presented to and by the world.

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