Really Enjoyed This - New York Leaders In Denial About Virus

Ray From Cleveland

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Aug 16, 2015
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This isn't left vs. right, but survival. How much longer will some people follow trump over a cliff? He's in denial since he can't have his way so he denies science. He even fired Obama's pandemic response team early on which could have identified this problem months back. One link below and maybe some of you trumpbots look up the word exponential today which is how this virus grows and doesn't stop growing because some stupid politician doesn't like it.
That again? I'll see your USA Today article, and raise you one FactCheck:

The power structure gangfvcked the people again and you jackasses want to quibble over who's team got the most stokes and sloppy seconds. Incredible.
Nope. What happens is once a lie is thrown to the left, they just keep repeating it. It spreads faster than COVID-19. What we do is neutralize the lies by posting the truth.

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