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May 20, 2009
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I have seen first hand the fence (actually it's a border) at GITMO that seperates the Naval Station there from the island of Cuba. It is well protected. To the best of my knowledge, it has never been breeched. For a good many years (since the 1950's) the US has guarded a border between North and South Korea. From all accounts, they have been very successful in doing this. So, when it comes to border protection, the US knows how to do it and have demonstrated the skills necessary to protect those borders. They have demonstrated that they can protect borders for years without problems. Why is it do you suppose that the US can control other nations borders but yet they refuse to control and protect our own Southern border with Mexico? I have a theory about this. Maybe it's correct. Maybe it's not correct. I do believe though that there is some element of truth in it. You be the judge.

Just a few reasons why the US doesn't protect it's Southern border with Mexico:

1. Every illegal alien is a potential Democratic voter.
2. No politician wants to stand strong against protecting the border - especially near election time - because if they speak out against illegal aliens, they risk the chance of offending somebody. An offended voter is very powerful at the ballot box for the opposite candidate.
3. Cheap labor. Sure. Lots of noise is being made about illegal aliens working in the country and some token efforts to control it are shown on tv now and then BUT in reality, no body wants to loose the cheap labor.
4. There's money in the drug trade. Follow the money. Betcha a donut against a $100.00 bill that there are members of Congress that can be linked to drug money if you scratch that surface long enough and deep enough.
5. Entitlement programs are "Power". The government controls people through the use of entitlement programs. The more people they assist, the stronger they become. People become dependent on the government (and State governments) for their livelyhood.
6. Political correctness.

These are just a few reasons why I think the government isn't interested in controlling the border between the US and Mexico. I'm sure there are many others. Presidents Clinton, both Bush's, President Obama and even President Reagan have done absolutely nothing constructive to protect our southern border. They have all been failures at doing their job in keeping the borders secure.

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