Propagandist TV Hosts Exposed Hypocracy


Dec 4, 2016
List all propagandist tv hosts and things we might not know about them or their positions using their style of truth mix3d with inuendos and word dancing.
Don Lemon is a self hating Racist, because he only dates white men while calling dark men unreliable & violent agressive.
He also has a dark seeded hatred of kids;
Comparing corporal punishment of children to training dogs.
He once complimenting comedian Kathy Griffin for having a "nice rack " during a live national broadcast on New Year's Eve yet turns around and blasts Trumps out of context lockeroom talk.
The black community , sexual assault victims , and even children have all been subjected to Lemon's questionable questions. That might be why the Columbia Journalism Review named Lemon among 2014's worst in journalism
Members of the black community are tired of Lemon—so tired, in fact, that a petition to remove him from CNN received nearly 40,000 supporters. "Lemon has consistently antagonized and defamed the characteristics of African-Americans on the national scale in his mass communications," the petition says.
During a segment of CNN Tonight, Lemon interviewed 67-year-old Joan Tarshis, one of many women who have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault. At one point, the anchor tells Tarshis, "You know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn't want to do it ... meaning the using of the teeth, right?"
Through his questioning, Lemon perpetuates rape culture by suggesting that Tarshis didn't do enough to prevent her own alleged assault. And he doesn't seem to consider that a victim may feel emotionally and physically powerless to stop the abuse—especially if her mentor is the alleged attacker.
Don Lemon, who was himself a
victim of sexual abuse thus should have known better.
Maybe he has become an abuser now since many abused sadly continue the pattern and become abusers, thus sticks up for abusers as he now sees himself.
But his don't that beat all hypocracy is found in his
statement ;
for journalism to “present the facts and not judge, defame or antagonize." Yeah when does he plan to start this advice himself?

CNN is portionately owned by Saudis Sheiks who also financed Isis which is why they often broadcast suspiciously revealing position & classified tactical information.

Chris Matthews is a Satanist who was caught crying out to Lucifer on Live TV.
Chris Matthews made sexist comments to President Elect Trumps wife and was caught on Hot Mic Ogling Melania Trump.
Matthews was never suspended by MSNBC when it became known that Clinton donors were backing Matthews’ wife’s run for Congress. Even one of Clinton’s campaign employees donated directly to the Kathleen Matthews campaign.
A petition surfaced on calling for Matthews to be suspended for his “shilling”. There are 10,586 signatures and counting on the petition titled, “MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews or Give Bernie Equal Time.”
Matthews has been doing a number of “exclusive” interviews with Clinton and complimenting her freely while seeming to
pointedly insult Bernie Sanders.
The Daily Caller followed up their initial report with the news that MSNBC has totally ignored the petition in spite of other news outlets joining the 10,000+ signees to decry this blatant “conflict of interest.”

Chris Hayes
was seen in a school yard
We don't know if he didn't masterbate in public to kids playing in the school yard.

Rachel Maddow is a self hating lesbian who had incidents of domestic violence against 2 former girl friends, one dating back to her days in Stanford University. One former mate also expressed her hatred of Bi woman. Maadow refuses to date black woman as she said quote: "they are to bossy and full of drama" and she "refuses to associate with hood rats".
This is one of the reasons she did not support Obama or endorse or vote for him.
Her Mate now, Susan, is also a secret racist but worse is how they met. Susan paid Rachel for sex because Rachel worked as her PAID lawn care labor while hooking up=making Maddow a prostitute.
Even though Maddow is claiming she's appalled by Donald Trumps out of context lockeroom talk, she herself is a great fan of Howard Stern and has said much worse things about woman herself.
Her movie obsession is the Thin Man series which is the cause of many violent sadistic acts=is she a satanist or does her depression seek out dark subjects & figures?
Steve Benen who contributes to Maddow's show was born and raised in Miami , Florida where his class mates brag about his coke habit. Classmates from
George Washington University also mirror this claim as a continued habit into College.
Benen worked in the communications department at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and is highly anti-religion and has made many anti-hispanic cultural comments especially against Cubans.

Foul mouthed Trevor Noah the South African host of the
Daily Show is a race baitor who himself is known as a racist against a Aborigines as told by sources from Melbourne where he visited. Even though
Trevor Noah exclaimed he "really, really don't see colors in a weird way."
He made jokes about the death of facts on the same show he reported many false statements trying to demonize people he knew not. =Hypocracy at it's finest.
Her movie obsession is the Thin Man series which is the cause of many violent sadistic acts=is she a satanist or does her depression seek out dark subjects & figures?

William Powell was always drunk, just so he could do the sado-masochist scenes with Asta, the family dog......

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