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Nov 17, 2012
Prisons are overcrowded, overly expensive, and an entire industry is built on those free tax dollars, called prison services. Also, rehabilitation has proven to be an oxymoron. Here is a prison reform plan, that stays in budget, plus rehabilitates 100 % by eliminating boredom.

Here it is.

First, every prison needs to be converted into a maze. Multi level if need be.

Then every prisoner, when beginning his or her sentence, gets a single action revolver with 1000 ammo. If you get shot by your inmate, you die and can't complete your sentence successfully. This promotes goal oriented behavior.

If you think you need more ammo, you can get more in increments of 10, if you can cut off and present someone's dick for it in exchange. This balances prison life with the natural desire for sex, which is strangely and unsuccessfully outlawed in today's prisons. This also eliminates your advantage if you are a female.

Clothing is not provided for budgetary reasons, but you can get a burka painted on you before you begin your sentence, if you request it.

Food is not provided either, but the corridors of the maze are equipped with flame throwing outlets to cremate the dead, from which you can derive a supply of well roasted meat for yourself.

Balanced budget, the video of the daily prison life would be on pay per view.

Your take?

Oh, and if you think you have completed your sentence, you can ask for a retinal scan when you get your new ammo, check your identity and provide you with a balance of days left to be served.

Your take?
I think you just wanna get some of that prison dick you talk about.
This was sent to me from my pen-pal in San Quentin and he definitely has an opinion on this! See attached


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