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    Zone1 Is Trump going to prison?

    If he found guilty it probably won't be long enough.No different than when the Clintons were found not guilty on white water scandal. This won't end the den of thieves of conservative ideology destroying the rights and freedoms opposed by old testament Christianity and the conservative's...
  2. Cellblock2429

    BREAKING: Democrat gets 30 months for election fraud. A former Pennsylvania Democrat congressman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after committing fraud favoring Democratic candidates. BUT BUT BUT democrats said there was zero fraud.
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Most Presidents Who Lose Deal With Shame. Trump Could Have To Deal With Prison.

    Folks, This is the elephant in the room that Republicans do not want to talk about
  4. deanrd

    How come Michael Cohen was the only person to go to prison over the stormy Daniels “affair“?

    Exclusive: Michael Cohen interviewed for probe into Trump Org You had the guy that was running the gossip rag who withheld information from the American people. And yet he was given immunity. Then you have the Head of finances of the Trump organization. He was given immunity Trump...
  5. deanrd

    Just watched Michael Cohen give final statement before leaving for prison

    We all know who Michael Cohen is. He’s Donald Trump‘s former lawyer who is going to prison today for committing multiple felonies at the direction and instruction of Donald Trump. It’s even on tape. Michael Cohen is the one who provided details of Donald Trump‘s bank fraud and tax evasion and...
  6. deanrd

    Should you judge a man by the company he keeps?

    Should you judge a man by the company he keeps? Trumps campaign manager Paul Manafort is going to prison for 7 1/2 years as well as losing all his money. Michael Flynn, trumps security chief, is probably going to prison, he’s asked for sentencing to be delayed so he could help out some...
  7. deanrd

    Trump said Paul Manafort was a very good man! And now? Bus anyone?

    Remember how Donald Trump used to go on endlessly about what a fine person Paul Manafort is? I don’t remember hearing that for the last few days. Anyone else? Remember, at the beginning, Trump said the same things about Michael Cohen. What is he saying now? What happens when Paul...
  8. deanrd

    Did Donald Trump just guarantee prison for Michael Flynn?

    I'm watching Fox News. Because Trump and other Republicans suggested Flynn was being railroaded, The Judge ask Flynn if he was guilty, and if he had been coerced? Flynn said no one coerced him and he was guilty. The courtroom gasped when the Judge asked if Flynn committed treason. The...
  9. AveryJarhman

    Mother-of-three Sophie Skinner jailed for false rape claim

    Mother-of-three jailed for false rape claim 'No empathy' Judge Williams described Skinner's allegation of rape as "patently false". "You maintain your denials," he said. "You have no victim empathy, you have no remorse at all." "As the court have said before rape is a repulsive crime. The...
  10. AveryJarhman

    Autistic woman was allegedly caged and forced to eat her dead mother's ashes; 5 face federal charges

    With the exception of ppl experience genuine mental illness causing them to not know the difference between right or wrong...I believe there are no excuses for this type of horrid human behavior. However, assuming these alleged crazed human were perfectly healthy newborns, I would like to...
  11. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Has One Foot On A Bananna Peel and The Other in A Jail Cell

    Folks, there is a lot of under the MSM radar going on and this is a big one. How ya all think that T-Rump will do in the Big House? Not well I suspect even if it's one of the so called Federal "Country Clubs" He still is not likely to get his Big Macs and KFC and oh, aren't people in prison...
  12. Dan Stubbs

    CDZ Prison break down by race.

    There are 45,493 foreign-born inmates currently in BOP custody, of which 3,939 are U.S. citizens (either naturalized or derivative). Of the remaining 41,554 foreign-born inmates (aliens):Approximately 22,541 (54.2 percent) are aliens for which final immigration orders have been issued for their...
  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Rob Blagojevich (D) loses latest bid to cut short his 14 year prison term

    Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich loses bid to cut prison term (Reuters) - Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich lost his latest bid for leniency as a federal appeals court refused to shorten his 14-year prison term in a vast public corruption case, including an effort to sell Barack Obama's...
  14. MindWars

    Black Lawyer: Free anyone charged with murdering whites

    Black lawyer: Free anyone charged with murdering whites In a new wrinkle in the “black lives matter” movement, an editor of a top-rated legal website is calling on blacks to scare whites by automatically acquitting African-Americans accused of murdering or raping whites, no matter what the...
  15. American_Jihad

    A million new democrat votes...

    That's why some call them criminalcrats... The Left’s Plan to Cut Loose a Million Prisoners The radicals' assault on the rule of law -- and on the institutions that keep Americans safe. March 18, 2016 Matthew Vadum Radical left-wingers want to free half the nation's prisoners --including...
  16. S

    Erasing Hate

    On Vimeo there is a documentary about a REFORMED RACIST SKINHEAD, Bryon Widner, and his painful laser treatments to remove his racist facial TATTOOS, called ERASING HATE. The TRAILER is available HERE: Watch Erasing Hate Online | Vimeo On Demand What do you think about it? Do you think that...
  17. anotherlife

    Prison Reform

    Prisons are overcrowded, overly expensive, and an entire industry is built on those free tax dollars, called prison services. Also, rehabilitation has proven to be an oxymoron. Here is a prison reform plan, that stays in budget, plus rehabilitates 100 % by eliminating boredom. Here it is...

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