President Obama not re-electable?


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Jun 24, 2011
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Meanwhile the below link seems to arrive at the same conclusion about president Obama...

Can Ron Paul Be Our Next President? many democrats ARE afraid that president Obama will run the DNC into the ground for good. Would this be the time for president Obama to "fake" an illness & turn the presidency over to VP Joe Biden???
This would take the 'heat' off current president Obama, so like former president Jimmy Carter, Obama could drift back into obscurity & at least save face somewhat. Then the DNC could have a primary of their own like standing president Biden vs. Hillary Clinton & several other DNC hopefuls. At the rate that president Obama's ratings are falling this will also affect the DNC in the house of representatives MAJOR.
Is it time for president Obama to get while the getting is good? VP Joe Biden has at least a decent track record & unlike current president Obama actually has 'real time' experience. I can really see disaster for the DNC looming on the near horizon if president Obama is indeed left in office to his own devices.
Your opinion please!

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